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Using Pocket for Google Chrome

Installing the Pocket Chrome Extension

To download the Pocket Chrome Extension, click here.

Using the Pocket Chrome Extension

When you're viewing a page that you'd like to save to Pocket, just click the Pocket toolbar button. Or, if you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, press Command+Shift+P (Mac) or Control+Shift+S (Windows).

You can also save links within a webpage by right-clicking on them and selecting Save to Pocket.

To view your saved items in Chrome, we recommend installing the Pocket Chrome App, available here. Or, you can visit the web app directly: Pocket Web App

Site Integrations

After you install Pocket for Google Chrome, you will notice that Pocket links are added to the following websites:

If you prefer to not have Pocket buttons appear on the sites above, they can be disabled. To do so, go to Window > Extensions, and click the Options button below Pocket.