What is my Pocket username or email address?

You can use your username or your email address to log in to Pocket. If you're not sure what username or email address you used when signing up for Pocket, here are some ways to find out:

Pocket for iOS

If you're using Pocket for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can find your username or email address in Settings. Just open the Pocket menu at the top of the screen, then tap Settings. Next, look for "Edit Account"; your Pocket username or email address will be listed to the right.

Pocket for Mac

In Pocket for Mac, click on the Pocket menu at the top of your screen, and then click Preferences. Here, you will see the email address or username you're logged in as right at the top.

Pocket for Android and Kindle Fire

In Pocket for Android devices as well as the Kindle Fire, your username or email address are listed in Settings. Just tap the Overflow button (three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen), then tap Settings. Here, the first item will be "Edit Account", and your Pocket username or email address will be listed immediately below that. 

Pocket Extensions

In the Pocket Chrome Extension your username or email address is shown in the extension's Options. To find it, click the menu button on the right side of the toolbar, and then click Settings. Then, select Extensions on the left side, and find Pocket. There will be an Options link just below. 

In the Pocket Safari Extension, your username or email address can be found by going to the Safari menu and selecting Preferences. Then, click the Extensions tab, and select the Pocket extension. Check the box for "Click me to show Pocket settings." 

In the Pocket Firefox Extension, your username will be listed in Settings. To find the settings window, open your list of saved items, and click the Settings button at the top right corner (represented by a gear). In the window that appears, you will see a line of text at the top that reads "Logged in as:" with your username following.

Please note that it is possible to use the Pocket Firefox Extension without an account, so it's possible that you do not have a username yet.

Pocket Web App

If you have been using the Pocket Web App on your computer, it's likely that you are still logged in. To check, visit your Pocket Account Page.

If you are still logged in, you will see a page with your account details, including your username or email address.

These did not help. What should I do next?

Please click here for instructions on recovering your Pocket account.

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