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Ellen Shire Jul 26, 2012 09:26AM PDT

I have the Pocket app for my 1st generation iPad. I save pages thru the bookmarklet and have followed all the instructions multiple times but sometimes the pages still fail to save to pocket. I have even tried deleting the app and redownloading it but it doesn't seem to work. The bar comes up at the top telling me it has saved but it doesn't. Please let me know how I can fix it as it is a great app when I can get it to download. Thanks!
Ellen Shire

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Justin Jul 26, 2012 11:50AM PDT Pocket Agent

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for contacting Pocket Support!

I’m sorry to hear that you have not been having great success saving items to Pocket using the bookmarklet in Safari. Have you noticed that this issue happens with only specific articles, and can you reproduce the issue with the same URL repeatedly?

If so, I’d love to have an example so we can test this on our end. If possible, please send an example our way.

Looking forward to your reply!

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Ellen Shire Jul 26, 2012 01:51PM PDT
Also, looking at my Pocket on my laptop it says the page is saved but it still fails to say it is saved on my iPad. I have tried turning it off and on and manually refreshing but nothing seems to be working.
Ellen Shire
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Ellen Shire Jul 26, 2012 01:54PM PDT
Hello Justin,

I think it is just the webpage describing my course materials for college. I can repeatedly try using the bookmarklet and it says page saved but fails to save. I can save the regular bookstore page to Pocket but it will not save my specific page of books. Here is the URL: http://sc.bncollege.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TBListView?storeId=10052&jspStoreDir=ConsumerDirectStorefrontAssetStore&catalogId=10001&langId=-1&krypto=qZYqRwkYEjhcd6HTa2Xjy6XUaVinIeO%2Bu%2Bi%2Bly63FPyYi%2BYlvkuc9GQjnxIb%2FVfuG7iwbOYd1IAU%0AZpYYz6SAWS%2BGSJcAcfxd729i1h6zCEvzG%2BAwJUclAlII2APdpFL6ruFW37XT9MEJfdJXm0msWjHr%0AA%2BPEpMp05M3L3o25gbjBVXB3Z%2B6Tc4b%2BruHEh5Lsngm3x6kcMiT5VtYc71d6Sr7G0BNfUTz6g7Rv%0ANkvvFFcgCpsBN0boN8R7V2Larhk9p9WlKLdfgrVqeSxlKdNZY8r6euUS4p0aVKXuzqowPudbeVEt%0A81iQpcUiaABPFkav0Bgh8MQDe5UP%2F4vvCxYpZMJ4%2FPcAIOBUQ8NaLX09bfDPxy0rpdFta47zsdFi%0A0QCPFmXf6iwY4t3GNH7n9aTAaYba4a%2FDvzREAFqwXcXv8JeQxn5HHaFNbIOpF2d%2FwZ7x4xe1gI2Z%0Ak0uiplnoHJWq6fFqq3heYaTa5U2axmvrUnY%2FfNWa7kL3LNOsEp3%2FaOoGb1LPRx8QqonYURyulyeV%0A9SUv7qA02cLXKppHQ2gscRuxhG30qCMOun1suq1Tu%2FoB9ksNcnX85EFxVNLTJpDXPRti7OlYBX4c%0A8PgVYUqUT81gu%2FABG1V4kHViAAEPmjRlvVzE0woBkdyxSeKGi6VZHCicSQy%2BQMhD%2BP6EzZvtbTq1%0A1f%2F96eAM1aBWfIw82JzDKExTfNDSkdMaVEISf4%2BNExKFJ9As52DNM6LkjYOZGJideC9T%2FAV9XomS%0AC0CFNAoVoKh%2FAAIBeonkb6RL8bzOXWyXQ4AubD7euNoJiwvjxiduXnW8v%2BOTfv6MKsexB1sMRfE7%0ATJqJBE0ayUW5Pi7hlpLLhjbRD%2FtA3bm3sv2bvHk%3D

Please let me know if it works for you and thank you for your help!
Ellen Shire
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Justin Jul 26, 2012 01:54PM PDT Pocket Agent

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your reply!

It appears as though our bookmkarklet is having trouble with this URL, possibly because it has an extremely long tail at the end.

Until we are able to fix the issue, I suggest saving the page manually by using this page: http://getpocket.com/edit

Just copy and paste the link into the URL field and click Save to add it Pocket.

Thanks again for reporting this, and sorry for the inconvenience!

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