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Getting Started

New to Pocket? Start here!

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Your Pocket Account

Signup, login, password reset and more

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Pocket Premium

Learn about the powerful features that Pocket Premium has to offer.

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Pocket for iOS

Helpful information about using Pocket for iPhone and iPad

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Pocket for Android

Helpful information about using Pocket for Android

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Pocket for Kobo

Helpful information about using Pocket on your Kobo eReaders and tablets

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Apps & Integrations

Pocket integrations in third-party apps

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Pocket for Web

Pocket's web application

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Pocket for Firefox

Save to Pocket and New Tab Recommendations

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Pocket Browser Extensions

Our Save to Pocket extensions

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Pocket for Mac

App for MacOS

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Pocket Beta

iOS and Android beta apps

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Pocket API

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International Users

FAQs in additional languages

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Pocket Support (Deutsch)

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