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Note: As of December 2015, Highlights is no longer available in Pocket 6.1 and above.
We plan to bring the best parts of Highlights back to future versions of Pocket - so please let us know what you loved about Highlights. Thanks!

When will Highlights be available for me?

Highlights was launched on November 13th, 2013 and is now available for all users. If you do not see Highlights yet, just continue saving items to Pocket and they will appear once you have enough items in your list.

What is Highlights?

Highlights helps you quickly find the best and most relevant items in your list to read, watch and view. Highlights offers dynamic categories that are regularly updated to match your favorite sites, authors, and interests, providing you with new ways to discover the saved content you care about most. The more you use Pocket, the better Highlights can learn and adapt.

Click here to read the announcement on the Pocket Blog.

How often does Highlights update?

The more you use Pocket, the more frequently Highlights will update. There is not a specific interval.

Why is Highlights empty in Pocket?

Highlights requires a minimum number of items saved to start suggesting content. To take advantage of Highlights, continue to save items to Pocket.

Click here to learn how to save. 

Can I manually customize whatโ€™s shown in Highlights? 

The topics and tags that are shown in Highlights is automatic. As you continue to save new items to Pocket, Highlights will learn and adapt to your changing interests and saving trends.

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