Getting started with Pocket on your Kobo eReader

Pocket is available on most Kobo eReaders and tablets, with the exception of the Kobo Original, Kobo Wi-Fi and Kobo Mini. Continue reading to learn how to set up Pocket on your Kobo and start reading.

Connecting Pocket on your Kobo

When you connect Pocket on your Kobo eReader, your most recent 50 unread Pocket articles are automatically downloaded. You’ll see the covers of any additional articles in your Pocket collection, and they can be downloaded with a single tap.

 If you're new to Pocket, you can create your free account and easily start saving from your computer or mobile devices. Sign up for Pocket here.

Pocket will remain connected on your Kobo until you log out of your Pocket account, sign out of your Kobo account, or perform a factory reset on your eReader.

Note: The Pocket integration on Kobo will display links compatible with Article View only. Click here to learn more about links that are available in Article View.

Log in to Pocket on your Kobo:
  • Open the Menu
  • Tap My Articles
  • You’ll see a page with a description about Pocket. Tap Sign in with existing account or Sign up to create a new Pocket account.
  • Enter your Pocket email address and password
  • Tap Log In
Disconnect Pocket

If you'd like to disconnect your Pocket account on your Kobo eReader, here's how:

  • Open the Menu at the top of your screen
  • Select Settings, then Accounts
  • Look for the Pocket section and tap sign out

Syncing and Downloading Articles

When you log in to Pocket on your Kobo eReader, your most recent 50 unread articles are automatically downloaded. All of your other unread articles are listed, and you can download any by tapping the Download arrow button that appears on the cover.

Only articles that can be displayed on an eReader screen will be available for downloading to your device.

As you save to Pocket on other devices, you'll need to connect to a WiFi network to sync and download new articles on your Kobo. 

To sync new articles:

  • Go to Library > Articles from Pocket
  • Tap the Sync button > Sync Now 

You can also do this from your Home page in the same way. Just tap the Sync button to get your latest articles.

Opening Articles on your Kobo eReader

You'll find your Pocket articles in your Library under the My Articles section.

If you see the Download icon on an article, it means the content hasn’t been downloaded yet. Just tap the article and the content will download.

To open an article in Pocket on your Kobo eReader:

  1. Go to the Menu > Articles from Pocket
  2. Tap an article to read it

To open an article in your Pocket Favorites or Archive on your Kobo eReader:

  1. Tap Filter in the gray bar above your current articles.
  2. Select Favorites or Archive, depending on what you wish to view.

Organizing Your Articles

On your Kobo eReader, you can archive articles, delete them, and mark them as a favorite. If you delete an article on your Kobo eReader, it's permanently deleted from your Pocket account.

If you're running low on storage space on your Kobo eReader, you can archive or delete articles from your Pocket account. Some Kobo readers offer removable Micro-SD card storage. When you insert a micro-SD card, it's treated as an integrated storage and your Library - including your Pocket articles - are automatically downloaded to the additional space.

To archive, favorite, delete or remove contents from your eReader:

  1. Go to Library > Articles from Pocket
  2. Press and hold on the article until a menu appears
  3. Tap archive, favorite or remove. If you tap Remove, you'll see options to remove the article from your Kobo, or Remove from Pocket, which will permanently delete it from your Pocket account.

Note: Articles you remove from your eReader aren't deleted. They're just moved to the Kobo Cloud to save storage space. You can download the content again when you want to read an article.

Common Questions

I only see some of my saved items on my Kobo. Why is this?

The Kobo is compatible with links that display in Pocket’s Article View. Other links, such as PDFs, cannot be synced to the Kobo.

Click here to learn more about Article View.

If you have a link saved to your Pocket account that you believe should be available on your Kobo and in Article View, click here to contact Pocket Support. Please share the URL in your message, and we'll be glad to take a look.

What is the difference between Pocket for Kobo and Pocket on my computer, Android or iOS device?

The Kobo integration is designed as a simple, clean reading experience that includes offline downloading. To highlight, see your Discover feed, and use more font and layout options, you can access Pocket on your computer, iOS or Android.

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