Searching for Tags with Pocket Premium


With Full-Text Search, subscribers of Pocket Premium can search for tagged items in their List and Archive. You can even search for multiple tags at once to find exactly what you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn how.

Searching for Tags

Using Tag Operators

To search for a tag, simple add a “search operator” in front of it. This will tell Pocket that you’re specifically looking for items that have a particular tag.

Let’s say you’re looking for items tagged “coffee”. You can search for them by typing #coffee or tag:coffee.

You can also search for tags that have more than one word. For example, if you’re looking items tagged “coffee beans”, just enter #"coffee beans" or tag:"coffee beans".

In addition, you can add additional words to your search to further narrow your results. If you want to see which of your items tagged “coffee” also mention espresso, just enter #coffee espresso or tag:coffee espresso.

Searching within the Tag filter

The Tag Filter makes it easy to view only items that have a particular Tag. After filtering by a Tag, you can Search within that filter. This will return only items that have the particular tag and match the search term.

Common Questions

What other search operators are supported with Pocket Premium?

We support many other search operators to find exactly what you're looking for in Pocket. Click here for a complete list. 

Can I categorize my saves into folders?

In addition to tags, you can sort your items into lists to create folders in Pocket. Click here to learn more about lists in Pocket.

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