Searching your List in Pocket for Mac


Pocket’s search function can help you find items in your List or Archive. Here’s how Search works.

The Search bar is located below the List column. 

Searching in Pocket

Searching Titles and URLs

When searching in Pocket, you can find items in your list by Title and URL. To use Search in Pocket for Mac:

  1. Open Pocket for Mac
  2. Locate the search bar, which can be found below your List (at the bottom left corner)
  3. Type your search and press Enter
Searching your List by Tag

When you want to focus your attention to only items that have a certain Tag, you can use the Tag Filter. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Tag button located on the bottom, left side of the Pocket for Mac toolbar
  2. Select the Tag you wish to view, and your List will update to only show items with this Tag
  3. Enter a search in your search bar to find items within this filtered list.

In the Tag Filter, you can select All Untagged Items to view items that haven’t yet been tagged, and search within this list.

Full-Text Search with Pocket Premium

Pocket Premium offers access to powerful Search. Using Full-Text Search, you can:

Common Questions

Why can’t I find what I’m looking for?

Search results for free accounts are limited to article Titles and URLs. If you prefer to have more comprehensive search, please consider upgrading to Pocket Premium.

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