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As of February 2021, Send to Friend is no longer available in Pocket. Not to worry, you can still share outside of Pocket to your contacts, or to your favorite apps. To learn more about how you can share in Pocket, please visit the following articles:

Pocket for Android

Pocket for iOS

Pocket for Web

What is Send to Friend?

Send to Friend makes it easy to share content with your friends and coworkers. In just a few seconds, you can share an item in Pocket and include a comment and/or quote. Your recipient will receive the shared item via email, and will be notified in Pocket.

How do I use Send to Friend to share items in Pocket?

Click here to learn how to share items using Send to Friend.

Where can I use Send to Friend?

Send to Friend is available from the share menu in any of the Pocket apps for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Mac, as well as the Pocket Web App.

What does my friend see when I share using Send to Friend?

Your friend will receive an email that contains the shared link, your name and profile photo, and your comment or excerpt if you included them. If your friend is a Pocket user, they will see this information in Pocket as well.

How can I reply to my friend after receiving a shared item in Pocket?

If you use Pocket for iOS or Android, it’s easy to reply to a shared item. Just open the shared item in Pocket, and then tap the reply button next to your friends’ name. This will create an email message with the article information included.

You can also reply to the Send to Friend notification you received in your email inbox. When you reply, the message will automatically be addressed to the correct person.

Will Pocket be able to search my contacts as I type their names into Send to Friend?

To make it easy to share to your friends and family, you can give Pocket permission to search your contacts. To do this, start typing their name in the To: field of the Send to Friend page, and then look for the option to "Search my contacts as I type" directly below the text field. Tap this to grant Pocket access to your contacts for autocomplete functionality. We do not store your list of contacts on our server.

How can I send an excerpt of the article when sharing?

If you’d like to include an excerpt or quote from an article, it must be selected first in Article or Web View. Just highlight the passage you’d like to send by pressing and holding on the article text and then adjust the highlighted portion. Then, tap Share, select Send to Friend, and fill out the recipient's name and optional comment.

Are there any limits to Send to Friend?

Sharing with Send to Friend is limited to 20 recipients per shared item. Quotes that are longer than 3,000 characters will be truncated.

How to enable/disable email or push notifications?

Click here to customize your notification settings.

How can I be sure that links shared from my friends will be delivered in Pocket?

Please be sure to add any email addresses that your friends use to contact you to Pocket, and be sure that they have been confirmed. That way, when your friends use Send to Friend to share something with you, they will be delivered to your account.

Click here to add additional email addresses to your Pocket account.

How can I customize my Pocket account profile?

The first time you share using Send to Friend, you’ll have the opportunity to enter your First and Last name, and to choose a profile photo. However, you can add or change this information at any time by clicking here:

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