Information for Read It Later Users

Read It Later is now Pocket!

To learn about why we changed our name, please read this announcement our founder: Pocket Blog.

Common Questions & Answers for Read It Later Users:

Q. Is Pocket a totally new app or just an updated version of Read It Later?

A. Pocket is the new version of Read It Later and will seamlessly work with your existing accounts. Pocket builds upon on the best features of Read It Later, now with a cleaner, lighter reading and viewing experience, and a host of new features to help you see what you’ve saved—from articles to videos, images and more. We’ve also made Pocket free for everyone!

Q: If I already have Read it Later, do I need to update?

A: Yes, we highly recommend updating to get all the great new features available in Pocket. If you use Read It Later Pro, simply update the app in the Apple App Store, Google Play Market, or Amazon App Store and you'll be upgraded automatically. Read It Later Free users can download Pocket from the App Store for free, and log into the same Read It Later account to download their list.

Q: If I upgrade to Pocket, will I lose the Read it Later content that I have saved?

A: No, upgrading is seamless and we have extensively tested the upgrade process to ensure that you do not lose any content that you have saved. Once you’ve upgraded or downloaded the new app, simply log in to your Read It Later account to begin downloading your saved items.

Q: Will I have to reconfigure my Read It Later bookmarklet, or reconfigure my apps to save to Pocket?

A: We have ensured that all Read It Later users will have a seamless transition to Pocket. Other than upgrading your Read It Later apps, everything else will continue to function as normal. Over time, you will notice your favorite apps begin to use the new Pocket name. 

If you have any additional questions about Pocket, please feel free to let us know

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