Installing the Pocket Bookmarklet in Internet Explorer

The Pocket bookmarklet is not being actively maintained. It may have trouble staying logged in, or when saving links from certain sites or in browsers that have certain settings configured or extensions installed. We recommend using the Save to Pocket browser extension for a more reliable experience.

Installing the Pocket Bookmarklet in Internet Explorer

The Pocket Bookmarklet is a small button that lives in your Favorites Bar that can save the current page when clicked. To install the Pocket Bookmarklet, click here: 

Install the Pocket Bookmarklet

Sometimes, Windows won't allow the bookmarklet to be installed by drag and drop. If this happens, it can be added another way. Just follow these steps to add the Pocket button and start saving to Pocket from Internet Explorer.

  1. In preparation, make sure your Favorites Bar is visible. You can find instructions here: Show or Hide the Favorites Bar in Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Pocket's How to Save page
  3. Right-click the red "+ Pocket" button
  4. Select "Add to favorites"
  5. Choose the "Favorites Bar" for the save location, so it will be available for easy access.
  6. Click Add

Using the Pocket Bookmarklet in Internet Explorer

When you are viewing a page that you'd like to save to Pocket, simply click the '+ Pocket' bookmarklet in your Favorites Toolbar to save it to your account. Articles, blog posts, videos, images and virtually any site web page can be added to Pocket this way.

When a page is saved, you will see a notification that the page has been saved with two buttons. The "Add Tags" button that allows you to attach tags to the page you had just saved, and the View List button will take you to the Pocket Web App. 

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