How to Save from Flipboard for iPhone and iPad


Flipboard is a news app that lets you read and discover articles, video and more. You can easily save links to Pocket using the Pocket Share Extension. Continue reading to learn about the Pocket Share Extension and how to use it to save from Flipboard.

Enabling the Pocket Share Extension in iOS 8

If you have not yet done so, you’ll need to enable the Pocket Share Extension iOS 8’s Share menu. This will allow you to save links from Flipboard (and many other apps) to Pocket. Click here to learn how to enable the Pocket share extension in iOS 8.

Saving to Pocket from Flipboard on iOS

You can save to Pocket in Flipboard in two ways:

  1. When flipping through articles, long-press on an article’s title and tap Save To Pocket.
  2. When viewing an article, tap the Share button, and tap Save to Pocket
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