Bookmarklet Error - Wrong Account

The Pocket bookmarklet is not being actively maintained. It may have trouble staying logged in, or when saving links from certain sites or in browsers that have certain settings configured or extensions installed. We recommend using the Save to Pocket browser extension for a more reliable experience.

The Pocket bookmarklet contains special code that is linked with a specific account. This is how items can be easily added to your list.

If you are not logged in, or are logged into a different account than when the bookmarklet was added, you may encounter errors while saving. Here are ways to resolve these errors:

1. Log into your Pocket account

Click here to log into Pocket. If your bookmarklet is connected to the same account, this will solve any saving errors

2. Remove and reinstall the Pocket bookmarklet

If the bookmarklet is not associated with your account, you must remove it and install a new one.  Click below to learn how to install the Pocket bookmarklet on your computer:

Installing the Pocket Bookmarklet on your Computer

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