Pocket's Top Feature Requests

At Pocket, we love hearing from you about how you’re using Pocket and what could improve your experience. While we do have a clear vision for Pocket’s future, we are happy to say that many of our favorite features have been inspired by suggestions from you, our passionate fans.

Below is a list of some of the most popular feature requests that we have implemented. We’re hoping that this working document will add some transparency to our feature request tracking. We are committed to making Pocket the best possible service it can be, and thanks to you, Pocket gets better with every release.

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Top Feature Requests


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Core Improvements

Feature Enhancements

New Apps & Integrations

Now Available in Pocket

Popular requests from Pocket users that are now available to enjoy!

Now Available in Pocket Premium

Popular requests that have been implemented in Pocket Premium. Click here to learn more.

Core Improvements

Limit Offline Storage on iOS

Description: Set an upper limit on the amount of storage that can be used by Pocket on your mobile device.

Pocket’s Take: As you save more and more items to Pocket, the amount of storage Pocket uses will grow. We agree that adding an upper limit to how much storage Pocket is allowed to use would be very helpful for devices that are running low on space.

Edit Titles of Saved Pages

Description: Add the ability to rename an item so it can be more easily found in the List.

Pocket’s Take: Sometimes, items you save to Pocket, might not have the correct title.  While we don’t currently offer title editing functionality, we encourage you to report any incorrect titles so we can try to get them fixed!  Please click here to report items with incorrect titles.

In addition to reporting these pages to us, we recommend using Tags as a way to help identify and organize items that might not have a title that helps you identify them easily.

List Item Counts

Description: See how many items are in your List, Archive, Favorites, and in a particular Tag.

Pocket’s Take: It’s currently possible to see how many items are in your List in Pocket on iOS and Mac - just enable the App Badge Count option in Settings.

We are exploring ways to show additional item count information in more places and on more platforms while preserving Pocket’s simple visual design.

Folder Support

Description: Organize items into folders.

Pocket’s Take: Pocket uses Tags, which are similar to folders but more flexible and powerful because a single item can have more than one Tag. In addition, using the Tag Filter for a particular tag simulates the experience of viewing a folder with items inside. It is also possible to view All Untagged Items by choosing that option within the Tag Filter.

Feature Enhancements

Local File Support - Upload PDF, Email, Word Documents, etc.

Description: Save local files from your computer or email account to Pocket.

Pocket’s Take: At present, Pocket is able to store items with public URLs, but does not have the ability to store files from your computer or access private email content. This is something that we are considering for the future but is not currently planned.

Offline Video

Description: Download and view videos without an internet connection.

Pocket’s Take: At this time, the downloading of online videos is prohibited in the Terms of Service for the most popular video sites. If this changes, we will happily reconsider adding this feature.

Reminders to Read/Watch

Description: Set a reminder to return to a saved item in your List.

Pocket’s Take: We’re the first to admit that it’s difficult to remember to return to all the great content that you’ve saved! However, we don’t want Pocket to feel like another To-Do list to get through.

New Apps & Integrations

Pocket Apps for New Platforms (Windows)

Description: Develop native Pocket apps for additional platforms.

Pocket’s Take: Our goal is to make Pocket available on all major platforms. Official Pocket apps are available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, and Web, and browser extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave and Yandex. We continue to explore the possibility of developing new Pocket apps for additional platforms.

Kindle Integration

Description: Send your saved items to Kindle.

Pocket’s Take: If you use a Kindle, we recommend trying Pocket 2 Kindle (P2K) which is a third-party service that syncs items from Pocket to Kindle automatically.

E-ink devices deliver one of the most comfortable reading experiences for digital content, and the Kindle is by far the most popular. However, since they only support one-way sync, we have not been thrilled by this experience for Pocket. We will continue to look for ways of bringing Pocket to Kindle while preserving the automatic syncing experience that we have built into our ecosystem.

For those who are considering purchasing an eReader, we encourage you to consider Kobo devices. We have partnered with them to bring deep Pocket integration into their great series of eReaders. Your list of articles is automatically synced and available on Kobo eReaders, and when you read, Favorite or delete on your Kobo, this action is automatically synced back to the rest of your devices.

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