Saving from Subscription-based Sites

Update regarding subscription-based website logins in Pocket: 

To view articles from subscription-based sites in Pocket, open the item in Web View to access the website's login page and sign in to your account to read the article.

At this time, our previous Site Logins feature described in this article is currently not available. As a workaround while we revisit site logins in Pocket, you can open items in Web View as described above to log in and read these articles.

With the Site Logins feature, Pocket lets you log in to website you pay to subscribe to and read the articles in the Pocket app.

Here’s how to use the Site Logins feature:

  1. Go To Settings (On Android, tap the overflow menu at the top-right corner. On iOS, go to Profile and tap the gear icon)
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Manage Site Logins
  4. Select the site that you would like to log into. Note: if the site is not listed, tap Log into a specific site at the bottom.

After you have logged into a site, any saved pages from this site will be automatically re-downloaded to ensure that the full content is available in Pocket for offline access.

Please note: the Site Logins feature is only available in our mobile apps for iOS and Android. On Pocket's other apps, open the article in Web View to access the website's login page.

Known Issues

I'm not able to tap the "Login" button to sign in to a website. Why is this?

Our team is aware of login issues with this feature and recommend opening articles in Web View instead of using the Site Logins feature. 

We are actively working to revise this functionality in Pocket and will share an update on this feature when we have one.

I’ve logged in to a website listed under Manage Site Logins, or by selecting “Log In To a Specific Site” but I still can’t see full articles. Why is that?

Our Site Logins feature is sadly not compatible with all websites, so you might find that Pocket does not display complete articles from a site you’ve logged into.

If we expand Site Logins in the future, we’d be happy to consider adding support for additional websites other than those listed in the Site Logins menu.

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