Saving from Subscription-based Sites

With Site Subscriptions, Pocket allows you to log into your favorite sites to get full access to their content. If you’re logged into a site, any link from this site that's saved to Pocket will be unlocked, and the full content will become available in Pocket. 

Logging into subscription-based sites is easy. Here’s how: 

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap Manage Site Logins

  3. Select the site that you would like to log into. Note: if the site is not listed, tap Log into a specific site at the bottom. 

After you have logged into a site, any saved pages from this site will be automatically re-downloaded to ensure that the full content is available in Pocket for offline access. 

Please note: the Site Logins feature is only available in our mobile apps for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. We do have plans to bring it to our other platforms in the future. 

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