Saving from Pulse News on iPhone

Pulse News is a great app for reading news from your favorite sources, and it's easy to save items you find to Pocket. Here's how:

Create a account and configure Pocket

  1. Open Pulse
  2. Tap the ".me" button at the top right corner
  3. Tap Sign up (or Log in if you already have a account)
  4. After you're logged in, tap the Accounts button at the bottom
  5. Look for the "Saved stories are also sent here" section, and tap Pocket
  6. Tap Pocket, and log in with your Pocket username and password

Save to Pocket from Pulse News

To save items to Pocket from within Pulse News, simply tap the Star button that can be found at the bottom right corner. You may have to tap once on the screen to reveal the button. Whenever you Star an item in Pulse, it will be sent to Pocket as well.

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