Listening to Articles in Pocket with Text-to-Speech


With Listen, you can have your articles in Pocket read out loud. It uses your device’s built-in Text-to-Speech functionality which delivers a pleasant and human-like listening experience.

Continue reading to learn how to use Listen (TTS) in Pocket on iOS and Android, and as a bonus, you can learn how to listen to articles on your computer as well.

Please note: In order to listen to articles in Pocket, they must be opened in Article View. Web Views cannot be read aloud at this time.

Using Listen (TTS) on iOS

  1. Open an article
  2. Tap the ●●● button
  3. Tap Listen (TTS)

Using the controls at the bottom of your screen, you can choose change the voice speed, pause the voice, and skip between paragraphs with the arrow buttons. Tap the X to close Listen.

Using the High-Quality Alex Voice on iOS

If you're running iOS 9 or above on your iPhone or iPad, you can listen to English articles using the high-quality Alex voice. Click here to learn how to download and use this voice in Pocket.

Using Listen (TTS) on Android

Starting Listen from your List

When you open your List, you'll see a headphones button in the toolbar. Tap this button to start Listening immediately, starting with the first article at the top of your List.

Starting Listen from an article

You can also start listening to an article when you're viewing it in Article View. Here's how:

  1. Open an article
  2. Tap the Overflow button at the top right corner of your screen
  3. Tap Listen (TTS)
While You're Listening

When you start listening in Pocket, you’ll see a new toolbar appear at the bottom of your screen. It includes all of your playback controls, including:

  • Play/Pause
  • Skip to the next/previous paragraph
  • Skip to the next/previous article

There are also expanded controls, which can be reached by tapping the list button at the left side of this toolbar. Here, you’ll see what article you’re currently listening to, what’s up next in the playlist.

You can also tap the overflow menu to access additional options, including:

  • Automatic Archiving - When enabled, articles that you Listen to completely will be Archived automatically.
  • Auto Play - If enabled, when you finish listening to an article, Pocket will continue reading the next article in your list. Turn this off to Listen to articles one at a time.
  • Voice Options - Here you can select a language and preferred voice. For more voices, you can download and install additional Text-to-Speech Engines for Android. (See below.)
  • Stop Listening - This stops the article from being read aloud, and closes the Listen player.
Select a different Text-To-Speech Engine

Pocket supports alternate Text-to-Speech engines if you download them to your Android device. Here's how to select a different engine in Pocket:

  1. Tap the Overflow button at the top right corner of your screen
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Text to Speech Engine for Listen
  4. Select your preferred engine

Listening to Pocket on Mac

Your Mac has built-in text-to-speech functionality. Here’s how to listen to an article in Pocket for Mac or Pocket for Web

  1. Open an Article
  2. Highlight (or select) the text you want to hear
  3. Right-click (or Command+click) the highlighted text, and navigate to Speech > Start Speaking. You can also go to the Edit > Speech > Start Speaking.
  4. To stop speaking at any time go to the Edit > Speech > Stop Speaking

Listening to Pocket on Windows

Windows has built-in text-to-speech functionality, called Narrator. Click here to learn how to use Narrator, and how to listen to an article when visiting Pocket for Web.

Common Questions

The Listen (TTS) option seems to be missing for me. What can I do?

Listen (TTS) is available for articles that are displayed in Article View. If an item is shown in Web View, the Listen (TTS) option will not be shown.

If you are not seeing the Listen (TTS) option in Article view, please check to make sure that Pocket is fully up-to-date on your device, and is running version 5.6.7 or above.

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