Saving and Viewing Videos in Pocket


Pocket is a great place to save videos so you can watch them later. This article explains how to save videos to Pocket, which videos can be saved, and how to view them.

Saving Videos to Pocket

You can save links to videos to your Pocket List in the same way that you save other types of content.

For example, saving a link with a video on your favorite news site, clicking the Pocket button will save the link to the video.

To learn how to save to Pocket on your computer and mobile devices, visit our Support page explaining How To Save To Pocket.

Viewing Videos in Pocket

You can find your saved videos in your Pocket List as well as under the Videos Filter. Simply click or tap the play button to watch a video.

Just tap a video that you’ve saved to view it. You can also view videos that are embedded within articles.

In Pocket for Web, click Videos in the left sidebar

In Pocket for iOS or Android, open the Pocket menu, and then tap Videos.

In Pocket for Mac, click on the Content Filter button in the toolbar, and select Videos.

Viewing Videos Offline

Please be sure your device is connected to the Internet when viewing videos. Due to content restrictions from popular video sites, Pocket is not able to download video files or save them for offline viewing.

What kinds of videos are compatible with Pocket?

Most videos that are publicly available online can be saved to Pocket. However there are a few exceptions. The videos listed below cannot be saved:

  • Videos that are saved on your computer
  • Videos that you have recorded on your mobile device
  • Movies and TV Shows from sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.
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