Why was this item Recommended to me?

Recommendations are articles and videos that we think you’ll be interested in, sourced from the millions of items that are being saved to Pocket every day.

Recommendations also come from the people you follow on Pocket. When someone you follow recommends something, it’ll appear in your feed alongside the recommendations from Pocket.

If you decide that a recommendation isn’t to your liking, we encourage you to report it. Just tap the ●●● button or click the X). This will remove the item from your feed and help us improve Recommendations over time.

We’re regularly refining our recommendations engine to make it the best it can be. Please drop us a line and tell us what you think!

A note about Political Content

With the recent U.S. Presidential Election being heavily covered in the media, many political articles are making their way into the Recommended feed. Our recommendation algorithm isn’t capable of filtering by political views or bias, so you may discover that some recommended items do not align with your political beliefs. When this happens, you're able to hide these items so you no longer see them in your feed by tapping the ●●● button. 

A note about Sponsored Content

You may begin to see sponsored recommendations in your feed. These are clearly labeled as “Sponsored”. For more information, please read our company’s blog post about sponsored content in Pocket, and review our Sponsored Content FAQ.

A note about Privacy

As we continue to revise and improve the Recommended feed in Pocket, our Privacy Policy will not change. We continue to focus heavily on user privacy when building new features. Recommendations are processed by an algorithm which happens anonymously. They are private to you and never shared with third parties. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

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