Saving to Pocket from Google Chrome for iOS

With a small amount of effort, you can save directly to Pocket using a bookmarklet in Chrome for iOS. Here's how:

Installing the Bookmarklet

  1. Open Pocket, tap the Pocket menu, and tap Help.
  2. Tap How to Save.
  3. Find the "From Mobile Safari" section, and tap Install. (Note: Tapping Install opens Safari and copies a code snippet to your clipboard. This will be utilized in step 8.)
  4. Ignore the Safari bookmarklet install process. Instead, open Chrome, and go to any website (such as
  5. Tap the Menu button at the top, and tap the star button to create a bookmark.
  6. Change the title of the bookmark to "Save to Pocket".
  7. Make sure that "Mobile bookmarks" is the destination folder.
  8. Delete the URL, tap in the empty space, and tap the Paste popup so the code that was copied in step 3 is inserted.
  1. Tap Save.

Using the Bookmarklet

  1. Go to a page that you'd like to save to Pocket
  2. Tap in the search/URL box at the top, and type in "Save to Pocket".
  3. Look for the search result accompanied by a star (indicating that it is your bookmarklet), and tap it.

Note: The bookmarklet will only work if selected from a search (in step 2 above). It is not possible to tap the "Save to Pocket" bookmarklet from your bookmarks menu. 

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