Pocket Bookmarklet - Must log in repeatedly

The Pocket bookmarklet is not being actively maintained. It may have trouble staying logged in, or when saving links from certain sites or in browsers that have certain settings configured or extensions installed. We recommend using the Save to Pocket browser extension for a more reliable experience.

You may be asked to "Please Login" each time you use the Pocket Bookmarklet. If so, this indicates that your browser isn't allowing third-party cookies to be used. 

The easiest fix is to add an exception for https://getpocket.com. Here's how you can do this on several popular browsers: 

Google Chrome

  1. Click on the menu at the top right corner
  2. Select Settings
  3. Type "Cookies" in the top search bar
  4. Select Site Settings
  5. Select Cookies and site data
  6. In the “Allow” section at the bottom, click Add
  7. Type “getpocket.com” and click Add


  1. Go to the Firefox Preferences/Options
  2. Go to the Privacy tab
  3. Under the History section, click the Exceptions… button
  4. Add https://getpocket.com to the list

Safari (for Mac, and for iOS)

For Safari, please make sure that "Private Browsing" mode is disabled. When this mode is enabled, your browser will not remember login information when the browser is closed.

Click here to learn about private browsing on iOS devices.

Click here to learn about private browsing on macOS.

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