Using Pocket Without an Account in Firefox


This article is for those who are using Pocket without an account. In other words, it’s for those who clicked the “Try It Now” button in Firefox. Using Pocket without an account is a great way to experience the benefits and get the hang of how it works.

As you get started with Pocket, we hope that you’ll create a full account to take advantage of all that Pocket has to offer.

If you’re using Pocket without an account, your saved items will be stored in a trial Pocket account that behaves like a standard account but does not allow you to log out and back in. This means that, if you log out or clear your browsing history, there’s a good chance that your saved links will be lost. Please create an account to safeguard the items that you’ve saved.

Not sure if you’ve created an account or not? Here’s how to check.

  • If you are using Pocket without an account, there will be a persistent teal banner at the top of the page with information about how to create your account. It looks like this: 

  • If you are using Pocket with an account, you’ll see your name or email address at the top right corner. It looks like this: 

Why create an account?

Pocket is absolutely free to use, and account unlocks all of Pocket’s features. There’s no reason NOT to create one!

Here’s what a Pocket account includes:

  • Every saved link is backed up in the cloud.
  • Automatic syncing to Pocket on all of your devices. (Don’t forget to download our apps for iPhone/iPad and Android!)
  • Save to Pocket on any computer, any browser, and any device.
  • Offline access to your saved items on your mobile devices.
  • And more! 

If you're just getting started with Pocket, here's a great place to begin:  What is Pocket?

Need help? No problem!

If you need help with Pocket, you’re in the right place! The Pocket Support team is here and available for questions. Click below to get in touch:

Contact Pocket Support

If you’re using Pocket without an account, we may ask for your User ID. This may be necessary if we’re looking into any issues with your account. Here’s how to find your ID:

  1. Open Pocket
  2. Click the “More” button at the bottom left corner
  3. Type this User ID into your message

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