Pocket Hits FAQ

What is Pocket Hits?

Pocket Hits is our email digest that showcases the best stories saved to Pocket. Our Pocket Hits team curates the most popular, interesting and insightful articles and delivers them to you in your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Example of a Pocket Hits email

How can I subscribe to Pocket Hits?

When you sign up for Pocket, you’ll automatically start to receive Pocket Hits emails. If you don’t yet have a Pocket account, please click here to sign up.

If you already use Pocket and would like to change your Pocket Hits subscription settings, please click here.

How can I unsubscribe from Pocket Hits or change the frequency of delivery?

Pocket Hits can be delivered to you daily, several times per week, or monthly.

If you prefer to not receive Pocket Hits, it's easy to unsubscribe.

You can change your email preferences by clicking here.

Note: You can also click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any Pocket email to change your preferences.

How can I save articles from Pocket Hits?

Click the “Save to Pocket” link to save an article to your List. A browser tab will open confirming that the article is saved, and you’ll also have an opportunity at this point to add Tags.

You can also open any link in your browser and save it from there.

Click here to learn how to save to Pocket

Some Pocket Hits emails appear as sponsored, or contain sponsored articles. Can I opt-out?

From time to time, you may see sponsored articles or emails from Pocket. These are important for Pocket’s continued growth and success.

If you would rather not see sponsored posts in Pocket, Pocket Premium is an excellent option for you. In addition to delivering an ad-free experience, it includes additional features and powerful functionality. Click here to learn all about Pocket Premium.

You can also learn more about Sponsored Content in Pocket by clicking here.

I’ve noticed that some Sponsored recommendations load a different URL first before going to the article. What’s happening?

Some sponsored stories will link to DoubleClick or Bitly first before taking you to the article. This allows a sponsor to verify that the number of clicks on their story are accurately reported.

These 3rd parties see/receive no data unless a story is clicked on. Except for an aggregated total count of impressions and clicks that a particular item receives, sponsors do not receive any additional data from Pocket or Mozilla.

Some browser extensions might pause the page from loading to make you aware that this is happening. If you would still like to visit the page, you can typically click through or temporarily disable blocking this type of link.

Can I view previous editions of Pocket Hits?

Yes! Pocket Explore has an archive of previous editions of Pocket Hits, so you’re covered if you’re just getting started with Pocket and want to browse the back catalog. Click here to browse Pocket Hits via Pocket Explore.

Can I receive Pocket Hits in a language other than English?

We only offer Pocket Hits in English at this time, but we’d love to offer Pocket Hits in multiple languages in the future. Please click here to submit a request for Pocket Hits in your language.

I have to log into my Pocket account each time I save from Pocket Hits. How can I prevent this?

Pocket relies on browser cookies to save articles from Pocket Hits directly to your list. If you are asked to login each time you try to to save an article, it’s likely because you’re using Private Browsing or Incognito mode in your browser where cookies are not saved. This prevents the browser from remembering your Pocket account, so you must remind it each time.

Fortunately, this is easy to fix. You can simply disable the Private Browsing mode.

Click here to learn how to turn off Private browsing in Safari

Click here to learn how to turn off Incognito in Google Chrome

I am subscribed to Pocket Hits but have not received them in my inbox. What’s going on?

Please check your Junk or Spam folder to make sure they weren’t filtered by accident.

If you still can’t find them, please contact Pocket Support and we’ll be glad to help.

I have a question that is not listed here, or have some feedback about Pocket Hits that I’d like to share. What is the best way to get in touch?

We’re happy to help! Please click here to send a message to Pocket Support.

Still need help? Contact Pocket Support Contact Pocket Support