The Pocket Glossary

We realize that there are quite a few terms that are unique to Pocket, so we thought we’d give you a little tour of some of the most common terms and feature names that you’ll see when using Pocket or reading our Help Articles.

Don’t see a feature you think should be a part of our glossary? Feel free to send us a note and we’ll be happy to add it!

Common Terms

Item - The name we use for a single article, video, image, or web page that you have saved to Pocket.

List - When you save an item to Pocket, it is saved to your List. You can access your List when you visit the Pocket website, as well as when you open the Pocket app on your mobile device. When you’re finished with an item, you can click the checkmark button to send it to your Archive for safekeeping. Find how to view saved items on each of your devices.

Browser Extension - An Extension is an add-on to your browser that adds the Pocket button to your your browser’s toolbar. This makes it easy to save the page you’re currently viewing in your browser to Pocket in a single click. Download the Pocket Browser extension to start saving.


Article View - Article View is Pocket’s simplified article layout that makes reading in Pocket enjoyable and free of distracting ads, fancy layouts, and other extraneous things. You can customize the font, text size, theme, and more to meet your own unique reading style. Click here to learn more about Article View.

Web View - Web View displays the page just as it would appear in its original form in your browser.

Pocket Premium -  Pocket Premium is an optional subscription that upgrades your Pocket experience with powerful new features, so you can do even more with the content you love. Check out the Premium features here!

Actions in Pocket

Archive - When you’re finished with an item but would like to keep it for future reference, you can send it to the Archive by clicking the checkmark icon. Archived items will still be available in Pocket but are not downloaded to your device automatically. Therefore, you’ll need  a network connection to view your Archive

Delete - If you do not wish to keep an item, you can Delete it by clicking the trashcan icon. This will permanently remove an item from your list. Deleted items cannot be recovered.

Favorite -For items that are important to you, can Favorite it by clicking the star icon. This will add a yellow star next to the item in your list, and will also include this item in your Favorites list in Pocket.

Save to Pocket - Saving to Pocket is the simple act of adding an article, video, image or web page to your Pocket account. Sometimes we may refer to this as Add to Pocket as well.  Click here to learn about all the different ways you can save to Pocket.

Recommend - When you recommend items on Pocket, they’re posted on your profile and in your followers’ Discover feeds. You can also cross-post your recommendations to Twitter to easily share to your other social networks at once. Learn how to start recommending here!


Syncing - Each time you open Pocket, the app will check to see if there have been any changes. This could be Saving, Archiving, or Deleting items, Adding or removing Tags, or Favoriting/Un-Favoriting items. This is not the same as downloading (see below). Learn more here.

Downloading - This will store the items saved to Pocket on your device to give you access to view offline. Check out how to download items to your Pocket app.

Listen (TTS) - Pocket uses the device's Text-to-Speech functionality which delivers a pleasant and human-like listening experience. Use the TTS feature to listen to your articles!

Discover Feed - Items that Pocket sends to users that are tailored to your own saving and reading habits. Learn more about recommendations here!

Profile - The profile is a public, curated list of items that you recommend. Your friends can follow you on Pocket and get notified when you recommend new items. Your List, where your saved items are stored, will remain private, and only items you recommend are public. Learn how to set up your profile!

Parser - Pocket’s Article View is powered by our Parser. This special software is responsible for identifying the article content (text, images, videos) and displaying it in Article View. The Parser works very hard to capture the entire article, but sometimes it might have trouble. If you notice that the Article View is incomplete in Pocket, please let us know and our team will gladly take a look.

Tags - Tags are perfect for organizing the items that you've saved. They are similar to folders, but they allow for more flexibility since a single item may be associated with multiple Tags. Learn more about  Tagging in Pocket.

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