Connecting Pocket to Zapier to Automate Tasks


Zapier is a service that enables anyone to connect their favorite apps and tools and so they can work together automatically. By using Pocket with Zapier, you can connect your account with other services and increase your productivity.

For example, you can automatically send items to Trello, Buffer, or Slack when you add a specific tag to them. Or, you can connect your favorite RSS feed to Pocket and save new articles that they publish automatically.

How It Works

Each automation (called a Zap) has a Trigger (where your information comes from) that in turn causes an Action in other apps.

You can send articles in Pocket to hundreds of tools. Check out the most common automations here, or get started with one of these popular Zaps:

How to Set Up the Zapier Integration

When you set up your first Zap (we recommend starting with one of the popular Zaps above), you’ll be asked to connect Pocket to Zapier:

After clicking the Connect button, simply log in and authorize access:

Once you've authorized Pocket, your account will be listed and ready to use:

That’s it! You’re connected and ready to create some Zaps!

If you need any help using Pocket with Zapier, please reach out to the Zapier team at

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