Using Pocket With Evernote

Pocket and Evernote make a great combination to save, share and make notes about your saved pages. This article explains how to share pages from Pocket to Evernote.


It’s easy to share pages to Evernote right from Pocket for Android. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Open an article in your List
  2. Tap the Share button
  3. Find and tap Add to Evernote.
  4. You’ll see a green circle with the Evernote icon to indicate that the article is saving.
  5. Optional: Tap the green button to add Tags and select your preferred notebook.
  6. You’ll see a green circle with a check mark icon confirming that the article has been shared successfully.

Note: If you don’t see Evernote in this list, it might mean that the Evernote app isn’t installed. Please take a moment to install it from the Google Play store and log in to your account.

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Here’s how to share from Pocket on your iPhone or iPad to Evernote:

  1. Open an article in Pocket
  2. Tap the Share button
  3. Tap Share Via...
  4. Look for Evernote in the top row with the colored icons

When you follow the steps above, you may have two Evernote buttons in the Share Menu to choose from.

One of these is the “official” share extension developed by our friends at Evernote. The other is a “custom” one that our team here at Pocket built that includes the entire article text to Evernote. Continue reading to learn the difference and decide which one you’d like to use.

The Official Share Extension from Evernote (Green/Black)

Tap this button to share to Evernote using the Standard Share Option:  

Here is the menu you’ll see when sharing via the Standard option:

When you use the Evernote Share Extension, you can edit the title of the article as it will appear in Evernote, choose a Notebook as a destination, and add Tags from your Evernote account. When you’re done editing, tap Save to save the link to the article in Evernote.

The Custom Share Extension from Pocket (Teal/White)

Tap this button to share to Evernote using the Custom Share Option:

The first time you share to Evernote using this method, you’ll be asked to connect Pocket and allow Pocket to save notes to your Evernote account.

Here’s what you’ll see when you share using the Custom option:

When using the custom share extension from Pocket, you’ll notice that it has similar functionality to the Evernote extension mentioned above. The big difference, however, is that the full text of the article is included by default. This means that the note that’s created in Evernote will contain the entire article, which is helpful to have when taking notes and adding annotations inline.

When you’re done editing, tap Send to Evernote to send the article text to Evernote.

Sharing to Evernote on Mac

Follow these steps to share pages to Evernote in Pocket for Mac: Open an item in your List:

  1. Tap the Share button
  2. Tap Evernote
  3. Decide if you’d like to edit the Title, select your Evernote Notebook, add Tags, and/or add a comment
  4. Click Send

By default, the entire article text will be sent to Evernote. If you don’t want the article text included, deselect Include Full Article.

Common Questions

When I share to Evernote, I’m asked to “authorize” Pocket. What does this mean?

Evernote asks you to authorize Pocket as a connected app so it can create new Notes in your Evernote account. This page lists permissions that Pocket requests for in order to send information to Evernote.

I don’t see Pocket in the Share menu on my mobile device. How can I find it?

If you’re sharing from Pocket to Evernote for the first time, you may not see the Evernote button in the Share menu. Here’s how to locate the Evernote button:

On Android, scroll down the list of share options to find Evernote. Once you’ve shared to Evernote a few times, you’ll begin to see it toward the top of this list.

On iOS, look for Evernote in the Share menu by scrolling to the right on the top (colorful) row of icons. If the Evernote Share Extension is not there, tap the More button and enable it to add it to the list of share options.

How can I disconnect my Pocket account from Evernote?

It’s easy to disconnect Pocket from Evernote. Here’s how to do so:

Pocket for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac

  1. Click here to visit Evernote’s applications menu (note: you’ll need to log in to Evernote to view this page)
  2. Under Other Applications, look for Pocket. Then, click Revoke Access and Confirm.

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