Saving to Pocket from Slack


Use Slack at Work? You can add Pocket to your Slack workspace to capture all the great content that’s being shared by your teammates throughout the workday. By integrating Pocket into Slack, you’ll have a dedicated place to save links to articles and videos that your colleagues have shared throughout the day.

Later, when you’re commuting, catching up on reading during a flight, or kicking back on your couch at the end of the day, the things you’ve saved to Pocket will be there for you, whenever you’re ready.

Continue reading to learn how to start using Pocket for Slack.

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Installing Pocket for Slack

In order to install Pocket in Slack, visit the following page and then click Add to Slack.

Install Pocket for Slack ›

If you’re the Workspace Owner, you’ll be able to click Install to add Pocket to your Slack workspace. If you’re not the owner, simply click the Request Approval button to ask the owner to complete the installation. That’s it!

Connecting your account and saving links to Pocket

Once Pocket has been installed in your Slack workspace, the Save to Pocket action will be added to the More Actions button, represented by three dots (●●●). You’ll be prompted to connect your Pocket account when you save your first link. Here’s how:

  1. Find a Slack post that contains a link you’d like to save, and click on the More Actions button (●●●).
  2. Select Save to Pocket. If you've already connected your Pocket account, you'll receive a private message from Pocket indicating that the link has been saved.
    Note: If you don't see Save to Pocket in this menu, select  More messages actions... and then look for Pocket in the resulting popup. 
  3. If it’s your first time saving to Pocket, you’ll receive a Slack message from Pocket, offering to connect Pocket to Slack. Click Connect Pocket to Slack to continue.
  4. Sign in to Pocket and connect your account. 

Saving links when using Slack for iOS and Android

Saving links to Pocket from Slack is easy on mobile as well! Here's how to save on both iOS and Android:

Saving links to Pocket on iOS

When using Slack on your iPhone or iPad you can save to Pocket using the Pocket Share Extension. Here’s how:

  1. Open Slack, and find a link that you want to save
  2. Press your finger on the link for a couple seconds
  3. The iOS share menu will appear - tap the Pocket share extension to save the link. Click here to learn more about using the Pocket Share Extension on iOS
Saving links to Pocket on Android

When using Slack on your Android device, you can save to Pocket by copying links to your clipboard. Here’s how:

  1. Open Slack, and find a link that you want to save
  2. Press your finger on the link, and wait until you see a message that the URL has been copied to the clipboard
  3. Open Pocket. The app will detect you have copied a link and offer to save it. Click here to learn more about saving copied links

Disconnecting your Pocket account from Slack

If you’d like to disconnect your Pocket account from your Slack Workspace, simply visit the Connected Services and Applications page, find Slack, and click the Remove Access link.

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