Using the Pocket Skill for Amazon Alexa


With Pocket for Amazon Alexa, you can listen to articles that you’ve recently saved to Pocket on your Echo and other devices that have Alexa built-in. It’s perfect for listening to your articles while you’re cooking or doing chores around the house.

Installing the Pocket Skill

To start using Pocket with Alexa, you’ll need to enable the skill and connect your Pocket account. Here’s how:

  1. Do one of the following: Visit the Pocket Skill page for Alexa, search for "Pocket" in the Skills and Games section of your Alexa companion app, or search for "Pocket" in the Alexa Skills page on
  2. Click Enable
  3. You’ll be directed to Pocket. Click Authorize to allow Alexa to connect to your Pocket account.

To manage the skills that you’ve added to Alexa, click here. If you’d like to disconnect Alexa from your Pocket account, click “Remove Access” on your Connected Services & Applications page.

Using the Pocket Skill

The Pocket skill supports listing your 3 recently saved articles and reading them to you aloud. To list your articles, say:

Alexa, tell Pocket to get articles.

Alexa will list the 3 most recent articles that you’ve saved to Pocket. When you hear one you’d like to listen to, you can tell Alexa to play it in a few different ways: 

Alexa, tell Pocket to play the first one

Alexa, tell Pocket to play the one about [topic]

Alexa, tell Pocket to play number three

While Alexa is reading, you can control playback by telling Alexa to pause, resume, or stop reading.

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