Firefox Home Layout Study FAQ


Starting with Firefox 66, we are launching a new study in New Tab where we will be exploring improvements to the Pocket experience, including different layouts and more topical content.

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How do I know if I’m in the study?

If you’ve noticed that the New Tab layout has changed, it’s likely that your version of Firefox is included in the study. In order to minimize disruption, you won’t be enrolled in the study if you’ve already customized your New Tab.

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What’s being tested?

We’re exploring new ways of organizing content on New Tab. This includes different ways that Pocket recommendations are organized on the page, some that take up more or less space on the page, and increasing the number of recommendations shown at any one time. We’ll also be trying sections that are dedicated to topics like Health & Fitness, Science, Tech and Entertainment.

What’s not included?

If you’re in one of these studies, you might notice that some features you’ve come to rely on are missing. These will be back in future versions of Firefox, but if you would like them back right now you can opt out of the study in just a few clicks. (See below for instructions.)

What’s not included in the study:

  • The ●●● menu (that appears when you hover over a recommended article) includes a limited set of actions
  • The Highlights section, which displays sites you've visited recently or bookmarked is not included
  • The ability to collapse and expand each section is not available

How to Opt Out

If you’d like to opt out and switch back to the standard New Tab experience, follow the steps below. Please note that once you opt out, it will not be possible to rejoin the test.

  1. Click on the preferences button, which looks like a gear icon, at the top right corner of the New Tab
  2. Click the Turn off Content Discovery button
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