What is the Archive?


Items saved to Pocket can be put in two places: the List and your Archive. When you save an item to Pocket, it is added to the List automatically. When you’re finished with an item in your list, you can move it to the Archive for long-term storage.

While items in your List will be downloaded to your mobile device automatically, the Archive is only available when you’re online.

The Archive button appears in the toolbar (shown above in Pocket for iOS)

The List and the Archive are the closest things that Pocket has to “folders” in that a saved page can only be in one list or the other.

We’ve found that different people use the Archive for different purposes. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use the Archive in a way that works for you.

Where to find the Archive

Pocket for iOS and Android

  1. Tap the Home button in the bottom navigation menu to open the filters menu
  2. Tap Archive

Pocket on your Computer

  1. Visit Pocket for Web
  2. In the left side menu, click Archive

How to move items between the List and Archive

Archiving an Item

To Archive an item, simply click or tap the Archive button, which looks like this:

You can find the Archive button in the toolbar when you open an item, or when using the action menu to make changes to items in your List.

The action buttons are revealed by swiping across an item on iOS, long-pressing an item on Android, or simply hovering your mouse over an item in Pocket on your computer.

Re-adding an item to the List

To move an item from your Archive back to your List, go to your Archive and click or tap the + button. You can find this button when opening an item or viewing the action buttons, just like when you Archive an item.

You can also use Bulk Edit to move items between the Archive and List. Click here to learn how to Bulk Edit in Pocket for iOS, Pocket for Android, and Pocket for Web.

How can I use the Archive?

Marking a page as “Done”

You can use the Archive as a way to mark your saves as “done”. When you Archive a saved item in Pocket, the page moves from your List to the Archive, where you can still access it again as long as the page is still available on the Web. The Archive is a great place to put your saved pages that you’re finished with but may want to access again in the future.

For items that you no longer want in Pocket (in either the List or Archive), you can delete it instead by clicking or tapping the trashcan icon.

Maintain an Online Reading Log

Some people may read articles in their browser or favorite news app but still want to save them to Pocket so they can remember it and reference it again in the future, like a sort of reading log.

By saving and immediately Archiving the article, you can keep it in Pocket without it taking up space in your List.

As a bonus, if you use the Save to Pocket extension for Google Chrome, you can save and Archive at the same time. Click the Pocket button to save a link, then click the ●●● in the “Page Saved!” popup and select Archive Page.

Manage Pocket’s storage on your device

Items saved to Pocket are downloaded automatically. As you save items to Pocket, you may notice that Pocket can take an increasing amount of storage on your device. If you’re interested in managing the amount of storage that Pocket uses, you can Archive items that you wish to keep in your Pocket account, but prefer not to download to your device.

Please note that your Archive will not be downloaded, and will be unavailable when offline. If you’d like to make sure an article is available for offline reading, like on a flight or while on the subway, make sure to move the Archived page to your List.

The difference between Archive and Permanent Library

Pocket Premium subscribers have access to a feature called Permanent Library, and this sometimes gets confused with the Archive.

As explained above, the Archive is one of the two “folders” that can hold items saved to Pocket Pocket.

Permanent Library, on the other hand, is a feature that applies to all items in Pocket, regardless of whether it’s in their List or Archive. When subscribers save items to Pocket, a copy of each item is stored in their account’s Permanent Library so that these items will continue to be accessible in Pocket even if the original page is modified or taken offline. Click here to learn more about Permanent Library.

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