What permissions does the Save to Pocket Edge extension require, and why?

When installing the Save to Pocket Edge extension, you will be presented with a message asking you to allow some permissions. Here’s a brief explanation of why they are necessary:

Read and change all your data on the websites you visit

In order to save pages, Pocket must access the tab you have open, so that it can retrieve the URL of the page you want to save when clicked. We do not access, store, or transmit anything from your browsing history, aside from the currently open page’s URL after clicking the Pocket button.

We also require this permission in order to respond to keyboard shortcuts and display the “Page Saved!” notification over the web page. Pocket remains inactive while you are browsing, and only requests the current page’s URL when clicked. Afterwards, Pocket returns to being inactive. You can visit your extensions page in Edge to review Save to Pocket's settings and limit this permission to specific sites or only sites that you click to save to Pocket.

Display Notifications

This permission allows Pocket to display notifications.

Privacy Policy and Support

Pocket values your privacy. For additional information about how Pocket respects your privacy, click here to review our privacy policy.

If you have additional questions about Pocket extension permissions, please click here to send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

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