Sharing from Pocket for iOS


Pocket for iOS provides several ways to share with others, and to your favorite apps. Continue reading to learn how to share in Pocket for iOS. 

The share menu

You can find the share button both in the list and when you've opened an item. When viewing your list, favorites or archive, swipe across the item to access the actions list, which includes the share button:

When you're viewing an item, you'll find the share button in the at the bottom of the screen:

What's in the share menu?

Recommend - Post the article to your profile.

Open in Safari - Open the link in the Safari browser.

Copy Link - Copy the URL so you can paste it outside of Pocket.

Share via - Tap this to open the iOS share menu, where you can share to your favorite apps, to your Messenger app contacts, email, and more. This is the same share menu that you'll find in most iOS apps.

Tap "share via..." to access the iOS share menu.

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