Using Reading Time Estimates and Viewed Item Status in Pocket for Android


Pocket has many ways to sort and categorize the items in your account: keeping item in either the List or Archive, Favoriting your most important items, categorizing with Tags, and our latest two features: searching and sorting by reading time estimates and marking items as Viewed or Not Viewed.

Continue reading to learn more about using reading time estimates and marking items as viewed or not viewed.

Viewed Item Status

Identifying items as Viewed or Not Viewed

In Pocket for Android 7.53 and later, you'll notice that items in your account will show as Not Viewed (with bold text in the item's title) or Viewed (with a normal font weight in the title). Here's what this looks like:

Marking items as Viewed or Not Viewed

When you tap to open an item, it will be marked as Viewed. 

To change an item's view status, long press on the item in your List and tap the Viewed/Not Viewed icon, which looks like an eye:

Long press on an item to enable Bulk Edit and change the status of multiple items at once:

When you've opened an item, tap the overflow button (with three dots) in the top-right corner to change the view status:

Sorting your items by Viewed or Not Viewed Status

You can sort and filter your list in the filter menu. Tap the filter button to the right of the search bar as seen below:

From here, you can filter by Viewed or Not Viewed. Tap the filter button once again to deselect the filter when you're done.

Using Reading Time Estimates

Searching by Reading Time Estimate

When you tap the search bar to search your Pocket, you'll see a Time to Read section. Choose one of the reading times to suit your mood:

You'll see your chosen reading length in your search bar:

Finally, when you filter by reading time you can also search by keyword. Tap the search bar to add keywords to your search.

Sorting Your List by Reading Time Estimate
Tap the filter button next to the search bar to access sorting options: Newest or Oldest first, and Shortest and Longest to read:

You can also filter your list by Viewed and Not Viewed items to further narrow down what you've saved.
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