Pocket Transition to Firefox Accounts

What you need to know: 

  • Pocket is introducing a more secure account system, developed by security experts at Mozilla, via Firefox Accounts. 
  • This change gives users the benefit of enhanced security functionality, like two-factor authentication (2FA) and account recovery keys.
  • Existing users and new users will be able to log into Pocket via Firefox Accounts, Google sign in and Apple sign in. 
  • At a future date, all existing Pocket accounts will be requested to transition to Firefox Accounts.

Pocket, a product from Mozilla, is your home and guide for great content around the Web. Pocket lets you save things from anywhere on the Web and find suggestions from our editors for what to read next. When you use Pocket, you can access saved articles and videos in a private and secure account, and read or watch on your computer or mobile device. 

Pocket has been part of the Mozilla family of products since 2017, and up to this year, we’ve maintained a separate account system. In order to provide additional security benefits to users, all Pocket accounts will be transitioned to use Firefox accounts. Users will still be able to log in to Pocket via their Google and Apple accounts (using SSO, or Single Sign On).

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Why is Pocket transitioning to Firefox accounts?

Previously, Pocket allowed users to sign up and log in via four options:

  • Email and password managed by Pocket
  • Firefox account
  • Google account
  • Apple account

Going forward, we are removing “email and password managed by Pocket” and relying on Firefox Accounts as our centralized and secure account system. Additionally, users will also be able to choose to continue with Google or Apple when logging in.

With this transition, we’re adopting a more secure account system developed by security experts at Mozilla. Not only will this make Pocket more secure, but it also allows you to opt-in to enhanced security functionality, like two-factor authentication (2FA) and account recovery keys, to make your account even more secure. 

In addition, this will allow our Pocket team to focus on providing more value to the core Pocket product and less on account management-related requirements. 

We want you to have the best security for your account — and we’re lucky to be a part of the Mozilla family of products that have a team working full-time on creating the best authentication experience possible.

What is the account transition process like?

New users signing up for Pocket will be prompted to create a new Firefox account or use their existing account to get started.

Existing users of Pocket will be asked to convert their account at a date to be announced in the future. At that time, they’ll have the option to create a new Firefox account or use an existing account. They can also skip the account transition step for a limited time.

Users will see a request to transition their account at a date in the future. After this date, Pocket users will be required to transition to a Firefox account in order to login and access their list.

Aside from changing how you log in to Pocket, this does not affect your saved items. For Pocket Premium subscribers, converting your account will not impact your subscription.

How to move to Firefox account login for Pocket
  1. Open Pocket’s Log In page. If you’re already logged in, simply log out to be redirected to the Log In page.
  2. Log into Pocket. Afterwards, you’ll see a message with instructions for converting your account. 
  3. Select Yes to proceed then select Continue. (Note: If you select No, you will be prompted to transition your account the next time you log in.)
  4. Log into your Firefox account or create a new one.

You’ll be redirected to your Pocket account. From now on, simply use Continue with Firefox to log into Pocket.

Common Questions

What is your relationship with Firefox? 

Pocket is part of the Mozilla family of products, which are all connected via Firefox accounts.

Do I need to switch to the Firefox browser to keep using Pocket? 

No, you do not need to switch your browser. While Pocket now requires a Firefox account to sign up or log in, you can continue using your preferred web browser to access Pocket. Our browser extensions for many popular browsers and apps for iOS and Android will continue to be available as well. 

I already have a Firefox account and a Pocket account. What do I need to do to transition my account?
  • If you have already signed into Pocket with your Firefox account: Your account has already been converted. There’s nothing else to do.
  • If you have not signed in to Pocket using your Firefox account: To transition your account, log in to Pocket using your Firefox account. Then, your Pocket account email address will change to the address you’re using for your Firefox account.
Can I continue to use my Google or Apple account to log in?

Yes, Pocket will continue to support SSO (Single Sign-on) with Apple and Google in addition to the Firefox account login option.If you currently log in to Pocket using Google or Apple, you will continue to have the ability to log in to Pocket using these accounts.

If you do not have a Pocket account, you can sign up using Firefox, Google or Apple accounts.

What happens if I don’t convert my account by the deadline? 

After the deadline (to be announced) you’ll be required to convert your account the next time you attempt to access Pocket’s app or website. You will not be able to proceed to your account until you convert your account.

Is there any cost associated with this transition to Firefox accounts? 

There is no cost to sign up for Pocket, and there is no cost to transition your existing Pocket account to a Firefox account.

I have a subscription to Pocket Premium. Do I need to convert my account?

All Pocket users are being asked to convert their account. If you subscribe to Pocket Premium, there will be no impact on your subscription or the available features.

How does this change impact my privacy? 

It doesn’t. Pocket is a part of the Mozilla family of products. By using a Firefox account to access Pocket, your account is subject to Mozilla and Pocket’s terms of service and privacy policies. 

To learn how to manage your Firefox account and the data associated with it, click here.

I use Pocket on my Kobo e-Reader. How does this change affect how I log in to Pocket?

You can log in to Pocket on your kobo by entering a Pocket-specific password. We are actively working with Kobo to support our single sign-on (SSO) options.

I no longer want to use Pocket. What should I do?

If you no longer wish to use Pocket, you can click here to export your account data (optional) and access the account deletion page here.

Warning: Account deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.

Can I delete my Pocket account without deleting my Firefox account?

Yes, you can delete your Pocket account without impacting your Firefox account. In order to make changes or delete your Pocket account, click here

Before deleting your account, we recommend exporting your data. Deleting an account is permanent and cannot be undone.

How can I get help with an account-related issue?

If you have a question regarding your Pocket account, such as password reset, merging two Pocket accounts, or another issue, click here to contact Pocket Support.

If you have a question regarding your Firefox account, click here to visit Firefox’s help center or ask a question in the support forum.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. How can I get in touch?

Click here to contact Pocket Support and we’ll be glad to help you.

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