Troubleshooting Save Button issues with Pocket Chrome extension

We've received reports that the Save to Pocket extension for Google Chrome does not respond when clicking the button to save. Additionally, some users are reporting getting stuck logging in to the extension. If either of these are happening, please review this article for potential solutions.

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Restart your browser
Restarting your browser can resolve many common issues including extensions not working. On Mac, click the app name (Chrome) in the menu bar and hit Quit Chrome. On Windows, right-click the Chrome app in the taskbar and click Close Window. Click the X on your Chrome browser window or close it from your computer's task bar, then reopen Chrome and try to save a link to Pocket again.

Update to the latest version of Chrome 

Using an outdated version of a browser can cause performance issues. Learn how to update Chrome if you're not sure how to do so.

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Check your extensions

If you have other extensions installed, its possible that one could be interfering with Pocket. Visit chrome://extensions to see all of the extensions that you have installed. Try turning off your extensions and re-enabling them one by one to see if Pocket doesn't save when another extension is enabled.

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Log out and back in to the Save to Pocket extension

Open the settings page for Save to Pocket by right-clicking on the Pocket button and selecting Options, then log out. Click the Pocket button to save a page again, then log in when prompted. See if your page saves after you log back in.

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Check the Site Access option

Right click on the Pocket button and look for the Site Access option titled "this can read and change site data" and ensure that "On All Sites" is selected. If this was not selected, change this option and try to save again.

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Allow in Incognito

Even if you're not using Incognito mode, right click on the Pocket button and select Options, then click to enable Save to Pocket in Incognito Mode. Try to save once again.

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Reinstall the extension

Open your extensions page in your web browser and delete Save to Pocket, then visit the Pocket install page in the Chrome Web Store to reinstall it.

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If none of the solutions listed in this article worked for you, please click here to let our team know. We appreciate your response as we work to resolve save button activation issues with our Chrome extension.

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