Pocket Developer FAQ

Q. I have an existing app, and would like to migrate my users to the new Pocket Authentication API? Is this possible?

A. Yes, but the ability to migrate user accounts is not enabled by default. Please click here for more information: Migrating Accounts to Pocket Authentication API

Q. Can I still use the existing v2 API?

A. Yes, the existing APIs will continue to work with the API keys you already have.

Please note that we plan to deprecate the older versions of the API in the future, but have not announced specific timing. We promise to give developers plenty of advanced notice and support during the transition.

Q. Is my existing API key (apikey) compatible with the new API?

A. No, if you want to use the new API, you will need to generate new keys. Please click here for our transition guide: Pocket API: Existing Developers

Q. How do I add my app to the Pocket App Directory?

A. Our directory is no longer being updated, so it will not be possible to be added to this listing.

Q. What are the current API Rate Limits, and is it possible to be whitelisted? 

A. For information about the Pocket API rate limits and how to become whitelisted, click here: Pocket API Rate Limits

Q. Can I use the Pocket API in a commercial application?

A. Yes, you can use Pocket's API in both free and paid applications.

Q. I am developing my iOS app with ARC, but am having compiling issues. What should I do?

A. Simply add the "-fno-objc-arc" flag to the SDK files. Click here for detailed instructions. 

Q. How do I report a bug with the Pocket API? 

A. Please click here to contact Pocket Support with a detailed bug report.

Q. Where can I find documentation of the v2 API? 

A. Click here to review documentation for the now deprecated v2 API: v2 Pocket API Documentation

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