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This “Getting Started” article serves as a hub for information about Pocket's web application. It provides a basic introduction and also contains links to other useful Help pages.

Logging in to Pocket on your Computer

To log into Pocket, just enter your email address and password. You can also sign in to Pocket using your Firefox or Google account. 

Click here to Log into Pocket

If you are having trouble logging into Pocket, here’s what you can do:

Viewing your Pocket on your Computer

When you’re on your computer, you can always view your Pocket by visiting our website. Be sure to bookmark or favorite this page in your browser so that you can easily return to Pocket again and again.

In addition to visiting Pocket’s website, you can access Pocket’s mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Finding your way around 

navigation menu of Discover and My List

At the top, you can navigate to Discover and My List.

When you log on to Pocket for Web, you’ll see My List by default. This is where you’ll find everything you’ve been saving to Pocket. 

Visit Discover to find more great stories to read, curated by the Pocket team. 

What’s in the Toolbar?

When you visit Pocket in your browser, your List of saved items are displayed. The toolbar at the top allows you to search, customize the layout, view items that have been shared with you, and more.

menu options in top-right corner displaying Search, Save a link, Bulk Edit and Account Menu optoons

  • Search - Type in keywords to look for items in your List and Archive.Click here to learn more about searching in Pocket.
  • Save a link - Type or paste a link to save it to your list without leaving the site.
  • Bulk Edit - Bulk Edit helps you perform actions on groups of items at once. These actions include: Archive, Favorite, Tag, and Delete.Click here to learn more about using Bulk Edit in Pocket.
  • Account Menu - Use the account menu to upgrade to Pocket Premium, change the app background color, change your item display option and change your account options. You can also log out of Pocket from this menu. Continue reading to learn more about the Account menu.
Adjusting background color, sort order and item display options

Click on your profile photo to view the Account Menu.

The Account menu has the following display customization options:

  • Background color - choose between white, black or sepia
  • Sort order - Click the arrow button on the bottom-left side to change your sort order between newest or oldest items first.
  • Item display options - Choose between compact list view (which displays the most items at once) detail list view (which displays tags and article text) and tile view (larger images)

image displaying Pocket web application in list view, which displays several more saved items at once than tile view.

Change your display setting to list view (compact) to show several more saved items at once.

Use the list view (detail) to see tags on your saved items at a glance.

The Sidebar

sidebar menu on left side of webpage in List View. Here, you can switch between My List, Archive, Filters and Tags.

In the sidebar, you can click to switch between My List, Archive, and Filters. The Filter that you’re currently using will be highlighted in teal.

  • My List - When you save an item to Pocket, it will appear in your List. The List is sorted from newest to oldest by default, but you can reverse the order in Settings.
  • Archive - The Archive is a great place to keep items that you may want to revisit in the future.Click here to learn more about the Archive.
  • Favorites - You can mark any important item as a Favorite. The favorites list includes items from both your List and Archive.
  • Highlights - All of the highlights you create will be listed here. Tap on a highlight to open the article it comes from.Click here to learn more about highlighting in Pocket.
  • Articles and Videos - Saved links will appear in article view. Saved videos may open in article view or will open a new tab so you can view the video at the original webpage.
  • All Tags - Tags make a great way to organize items in Pocket. Selecting a tag from the tags menu will filter what you see to only show items you’ve labeled with that tag. Click here to learn more about using tags.
Keyboard Shortcuts

Pocket's web app supports keyboard shortcuts to navigate, change settings and take actions on items you've saved. Click here to learn more about keyboard shortcuts in Pocket for Web.

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