Getting Started with Pocket on your Computer


Welcome -- we’re so thrilled that you’ve signed up for Pocket!

This “Getting Started” article serves as a hub for information about Pocket on your computer. It provides a basic introduction and also contains links to other useful Help pages.

Logging in to Pocket on your Computer

To log into Pocket, just enter your email address and password. Or, if you signed up with Google, you can simply click the Sign In with Google button.

Click here to Log into Pocket

If you are having trouble logging into Pocket, here’s what you can do:

Viewing your Pocket on your Computer

When you’re on your computer, you can always view your Pocket by visiting our website.

Click here to visit Pocket’s Website

Be sure to bookmark or favorite this page in your browser so that you can easily return to Pocket again and again.

In addition to visiting Pocket’s website, Pocket also has apps available for your computer. These apps allow viewing your list while offline. Click below to learn more:

Getting Oriented with Pocket on your Computer

What’s in the Toolbar?

When you visit Pocket in your browser, your List of saved items are displayed. The toolbar at the top allows you to search, customize the layout, view items that have been shared with you, and more.

  • Tile/List View - Tile View displays your saved items in a grid. List View displays your items as a vertical list.
  • Bulk Edit - Bulk Edit helps you perform actions on groups of items at once. These actions include: Archive, Favorite, Tag, and Delete. Learn more about using Bulk Edit in Pocket.
  • Save a link - Type or paste a link to save it to your list.
  • Account Menu - Use the Account Menu to upgrade to Pocket Premium, get help about Pocket, and change your Options. You can also log out of Pocket from this menu.

Sorting Options

By default, items are arranged by the order in which they were added to your List, newest first. You can reverse the sort to view the oldest items first. To sort by Oldest First, press "s" then "o" on your keyboard. To sort by Newest First, press "s" then "n" on your keyboard. You can also sort by visiting your Pocket for Web settings:

  1. Open the Account Menu in the top toolbar
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Pocket for Web Settings
  4. Select your desired sort option
  5. Click Save changes

Keyboard Shortcuts

Pocket supports many keyboard shortcuts to make it easy to use Pocket for Web with your keyboard. When using Pocket for Web, press the ? key to view the list of available shortcuts.

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