The Parallels Premium Mac App Bundle FAQ

Who’s behind the Parallels Premium Mac App Bundle?

The Premium Parallels Bundle is curated by our friends at Parallels and includes some incredibly useful online services and Mac apps.

I already have Pocket Premium. Can I still take advantage of the Premium Parallels Bundle?

Yes! Even if you already subscribe to Pocket Premium, you can still take advantage of this bundle. Your additional year will be added to your current subscription. Sweet!

After your extra year of Pocket Premium ends, you will be renewed at the price of your current subscription if you previously subscribed on our website.

If you’ve previously subscribed through iTunes or Google Play, it’s important that you disable auto-renewal for your subscription on iTunes or Google Play. This will help make sure that you’re not charged for two active Pocket Premium subscriptions. To learn how to manage your subscriptions on iTunes and Google Play, please click below:

How can I redeem my purchase?

After purchasing the Premium Mac App Bundle, Parallels will provide your Pocket Premium redemption code which can be entered on our Redeem Page. Please be sure that you’re logged into the Pocket account that you wish to upgrade.

Can I redeem multiple codes for myself or give them as gifts?

You’re more than welcome to share your redemption code for Pocket Premium as a gift! Please note, however, that only one redemption code can be used per account.

Does my Pocket Premium redemption code expire? 

Yes, the Pocket Premium redemption code does expire. Please be sure to redeem your upgrade no later than February 16, 2022. After that date, they will no longer be accepted.

I'm having trouble redeeming my code. What should I do?

If you already have a Pocket Premium subscription, please make sure that auto renew is turned on. If this setting is off, the code will not be redeemable. Click here to check your auto renew status.

If this does not help or does not apply to you, please get in touch using the link below and share any messages that are shown on the redeem page. 

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

If you have additional questions about Pocket Premium, our Help Center is the best place to start. You can also reach out to Pocket Support directly.

If you have additional questions about the Premium Mac App Bundle, please contact Parallels Support.

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