Getting Started with Pocket for Mac


This “Getting Started” article serves as a hub for information about Pocket for Mac. It provides a basic introduction and also contains links to other useful Help pages.

Installing Pocket on your Mac

Pocket for Mac is the best way to use Pocket on your Apple computer. It’s free and easy to install from the Mac App Store. Click here to download it.

System Requirements

Pocket for Mac requires macOS El Capitan (10.11) and later.

Signing Up or Logging into your Pocket Account

If you’ve never used Pocket before, you’ll need to create an account. Just open the app and then click Sign up.

Already use Pocket? Just enter your Pocket email address to log in. If you signed up with your Google or Firefox Account, you must use your Pocket-specific password. Click here to learn how to create one.

If you are having trouble logging into Pocket for Mac, here’s some helpful links:

Finding your way around

The sidebar shows your Pocket list. Click any item to open it in the main window.

What’s in the Toolbar?

The toolbar at the top of the window includes the Pocket Menu, Content Filter, and actions that you can take on an item in your list.

Pocket Menu

Pocket Menu
  • My List/Home - When you save an item to Pocket, it will appear in your List. The List is sorted from newest to oldest by default, but you can reverse the order in Preferences.
  • Favorites - You can mark any important item as a Favorite. The favorites list includes items from both your List and Archive. You can view your Favorites when you’re online.
  • Archive - The Archive is a great place to keep items that you’ve already viewed but may want to revisit in the future. You can view your Archive when you’re online.
Content Filter
  • There are three ways to filter your List: Articles, Videos, and Images. Each will show that particular type of content and hide the rest.
Item Actions
  • Back - Go back one page, or close the selected item
  • Archive - Archive the selected item
  • Favorite - Favorite/Unfavorite the selected item
  • Article View/Web View Toggle - Switch between Article and Web View
  • Text Options - Customize the font style, size, and reading theme
  • Tag - Add Tags to the selected item
  • Share - Share to social media, Evernote, Buffer, Mail and more

What’s in Preferences?

There are a number of different preferences that you can configure in Pocket for Mac. To access Preferences, simply open the Pocket menu in the menu bar (at the top of your screen), and select Preferences.

  • Account - Your Pocket email address is listed here. If you wish to log out of Pocket for Mac simply click Log Out. You can also update your account information by clicking Edit Account.
  • Viewing - There are two ways to view an item: Article View or Web View. By default, Pocket will choose the best view to open. If you’d rather decide what view to use, uncheck the Open Best View option. Click here to learn more about Article and Web View.
  • Offline Downloading - By default, Pocket will decide to on the best view to download. If you’d like to specify whether Pocket should download Article View, Web View, or both, uncheck the Download Best View option.
  • List - You can choose if you would like to Refresh when Pocket for Mac is opened, or if you would like to Refresh manually. In addition, you can decide how your List is sorted, and if you’d like to see a badge on the Pocket app icon indicating how many items are in your List.
  • Sharing - You can Log out of Evernote and Buffer in this section.
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