Recommended Items FAQ

What's the Recommended feed all about?

The Recommended feed is your single place to quickly find the stories that matter to you. These stories come from two places: Pocket’s recommendations that are personalized just for you, and recommended items from the people you decide to follow on Pocket.

You can read more about the Recommended Feed on our blog:

Introducing Recommendations: The Most Interesting Articles and Videos You Might Have Missed

Introducing a more personal Recommended Feed

How does Pocket decide what to Recommend in my feed?

Recommendations are tailored to your own saving and reading habits. Our algorithm processes this information to create a feed that’s completely unique and personalized to you, and is filled with the most interesting articles and videos you might have missed.

Click here to learn more about how Pocket recommends content.

How do I follow people on Pocket and see their recommendations?

If you follow your friends and interesting people on Pocket, you’ll see their recommendations in your Recommended feed alongside the ones from Pocket. Your feed is ordered and personalized for you to ensure that you see a good mix of content that will be interesting to you.

To add people to follow, open your Recommended feed and tap the “Follow People” button. Here you’ll be able to connect your Facebook and Twitter account to find others who you already know on Pocket, and we’ll also suggest some people who are already making great recommendations.

Click here to learn how to follow people on Pocket.

How can I recommend items to others on Pocket?

When you recommend items on Pocket, they’ll appear in your profile. This makes it easy for others to follow you and see what you think is worth reading and watching. Your recommendations will also appear in your followers’ Recommended feeds when they’re looking for great content.

To start recommending in Pocket, just tap the Recommend button. Click here for a guide.

How do I save Recommendations to my list?

To save an item from your Recommendations, just click or tap the Save button.

If you’ve opened an item from your Recommendations on iOS or Android and have decided to save it, tap the + button in the toolbar.

How can I hide a Recommended item?

If a recommended item wasn’t interesting to you, if you’ve already read it elsewhere, or if you don’t think it belongs in your Recommended feed for any other reason, you can hide it from your feed. Hiding items will help shape your Recommended feed over time, helping Pocket deliver better recommendations that are more personalized to you.

To hide a recommended item, just click or tap the ●●● button, then select Report, and you’ll be able to tell us why you’d like to hide it.

How can I get better Recommendations?

There are three things you can do to help improve your Recommendations:

Follow your friends and interesting people on Pocket! Your friends, tastemakers, and writers editors behind your favorite publications are all on Pocket and recommending great content.

  1. Keep using Pocket! The more you save, read and watch, the more accurate and relevant your Recommendations will be.
  2. Tell us when you’re not interested. Just tap the X on any item that doesn’t appeal to you and tell us why. Over time, you’ll see less of these types of items recommended to you.
Where did the Highlights Carousel go?

The Highlights carousel that used to appear at the top of your list on our iPhone and Android apps has been removed to make room for the Recommended tab, and to help you see more of your items at once when you launch Pocket.

You can continue accessing your Highlights by opening the Pocket menu and selecting Highlights.

Are Recommendations Available In My Language?

Recommendations are available in English at this time. We plan to make Recommendations available in additional languages in the future.

I have a question that is not listed here.

If you have questions or comments about Recommendations, please contact Pocket Support.

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