Using the Save to Pocket Extension for Google Chrome

Installing the Pocket Chrome Extension

To download the Save to Pocket extension for Google Chrome, click here

Adding Pocket to your Chrome Toolbar

When you install Save to Pocket, you'll need to pin the save button so it'll be accessible to the right of your address bar. Here's how to pin the Pocket button:

  1. Click the Extensions button (it looks like a puzzle piece)
  2. Look for Save to Pocket and click the pin button

You'll now see the Pocket button to the right of your address bar.

Saving to Pocket

You can save to Pocket by clicking on the extension icon, clicking Save to Pocket in the context menu, or using a keyboard shortcut.

When you're viewing a page that you'd like to save to Pocket, just click the Pocket toolbar button. Or, if you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, you can visit the Options menu to create a custom shortcut. You'll be notified that the page has been saved, and from here, you can add Tags, Archive, Undo Save, view your List, and access the Extension’s settings.

In addition to saving links that you currently have open in your browser, it's also possible to save a link that you see on a web page without opening it first. You can save links within a web page by right-clicking on them and selecting Save to Pocket:

The Pocket save confirmation appears after you successfully save an item to your List, as seen below: 

Want to configure your keyboard shortcut? Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on the Pocket toolbar button, and then select Options
  2. Click Record a new shortcut. A new tab will open with a list of available shortcuts
  3. Scroll down to the Save to Pocket and click the corresponding text box
  4. Type your preferred shortcut
  5. Press OK

After saving you can take various actions on the item that was just saved:

Adding Tags

To add Tags, type tag names into the text box and press Enter. Your tag will be saved automatically. You can also keep typing to add additional tags.

Suggested Tags with Pocket Premium

If you subscribe to Pocket Premium, you will see a list of suggested tags when adding them to a save. These tags are suggested automatically based on Tags you've added to your account. Learn More about suggested tags in Pocket Premium

Additional Actions

Additional actions you can take on an item are available when hovering your mouse over the ●●● button, including:

Undo Save

If you saved a page by mistake, you can undo it. Hover your mouse over the Menu button (•••) then simply click Remove Page.

View your List

You can also go directly to your List by hovering your mouse over the Menu button (•••) and clicking Open Pocket.

Quick Save Services

After you install Pocket for Google Chrome, you will notice that Pocket buttons are added to Twitter. When you visit Twitter, you can save articles by clicking the Pocket button below the tweet.

Content Recommendations with Save to Pocket

When you save a page using the Chrome extension, you’ll begin to see a list of stories related to the page you just saved. This is a great way to dive deeper into a topic you care about.

You can click on a recommendation to view it, or click the Save button to save it to your List.

To learn about the story behind these two features, check out our blog post: Making the web a more interesting place

If you’re looking for more reading suggestions from Pocket, we’ve built Pocket Must Reads, which shows you Trending Stories whenever you open a new tab in Chrome. Click here to learn about and install Pocket Must Reads

Customizing your Experience

You can customize the Pocket for Chrome extension to suit your needs by visiting the Options page. Here are three ways to access it:

  1. Right-click on the Pocket icon and select Options
  2. After saving, hover your mouse over the Menu button (•••) then click Settings
  3. Open your Extensions list, find the Save to Pocket extension, and click the Options link

In Options, you can:

  • Configure your Save to Pocket keyboard shortcut
  • Disable Quick Save Services
  • Disable Related Recommendations

Common Questions

How can I see recommended articles on my new tab page?

We have a second extension called Pocket Must Reads that displays articles in your new tab page. Click here to learn more about and install Pocket Must Reads

I use a Chromium-based browser. Can I install Save to Pocket to save articles to my list?

Yes! Chromium browsers (such as Brave and Vivaldi) can run Chrome extensions, so Save to Pocket and most other Chrome extensions should be compatible.

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