Implementing the Pocket SDK with ARC

If your app is using ARC and you want to integrate the Pocket SDK, you will need to add the "-fno-objc-arc" flag to the source files in the Pocket SDK to prevent issues when compiling.

Doing so is easy - here's how:

Step 1: Select your Xcode Project

Step 2: Select your Build Phases

Step 3: Open the Compile Sources section

Step 4: Add the "-fno-objc-arc" to the following files to disable ARC: PocketAPI.m, PocketAPILogin.m, PocketAPIOperation.m, and SFHFKeychainUtils.m

Note: You can select all four of these files at once, and then press Enter to display the flags popup.

Step 5: Once all four files have the flag, Build and Run! 


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