Saving to Pocket on iPhone and iPad


The primary method for saving to Pocket from your iPhone and iPad is to select “Save to Pocket” from the share menu. There are other methods you can use as well and — in most cases — you can save to Pocket in just a couple of taps.

Save from the Share Menu

When Pocket is installed on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see Save to Pocket in the list of actions in the share menu. Simply tap this button to save. 

💡Tip: You can move Pocket to the top of your Actions list to make it easier to find. Just tap Edit Actions at the bottom of the share menu, and then tap the green + button next to Save to Pocket.

Saving from Facebook? Facebook does not use the default iOS Share Menu, but you can still easily save links to Pocket. Click here to learn more

Save a Copied URL

If you’re using an app that doesn’t use the default iOS Share Menu you can copy the link and then open Pocket. The copied URL will be detected and you’ll see a banner to save the page to your List.

Click here to learn about saving copied links to Pocket.

Save via Email

Another easy way to save a link to Pocket is to simply send it in an email to Once Pocket receives this email, we'll process it and add the included link to your List automatically!

Click here to learn about saving to Pocket via email

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