Pocket Premium: Full-Text Search

Full-Text Search is part of Pocket Premium. To subscribe to Pocket Premium, click here.

Full-Text Search provides fast and powerful search functionality that’s unlocked with Pocket Premium. When you search after upgrading, Pocket will search through the entire content of every item you’ve saved, making it extremely easy to find what you’re looking for.

Please Note: You must be online to use Full-Text Search. While offline, you can use standard search to find items with their title or URL.

How is this different from free Pocket accounts?

In the free version of Pocket, searches are limited to title and URL only.

New Search Features

With a Premium upgrade, you can search the full text of articles to get more detailed, accurate results, just like when you search using Google. In addition, you can search by tags, topics, authors, videos, and images.

Tap the Search Options button to change the sorting of your search results. By default, searches are shown in order of relevance, but you have the option of sorting by Newest or Oldest First.

When searching in Pocket for iOS, Android, and in your browser, results from your List and Archive are shown simultaneously in the All Items tab. Just select “My List” or “Archive” from the dropdown menu to narrow your search to one of these lists.

Tag Search

By popular demand, it’s now possible to search for Tags that have been added to items in your list. You can even enter multiple tags at once to hone your search even more.

Search results with Tags are weighted more heavily, which means that they’ll be among the first results to be displayed.

Recent Searches

Pocket Premium will remember your five most recent searches so you can easily return to the list of results. Plus, these recent searches will sync across your Pocket apps so you can continue a search on another device or computer.

Advanced Search Operators

To find precisely what you’re looking for, you can craft advanced searches using Boolean operators. Listed below are the search operators we support, with quick examples showing how they may be used:

Operator Example Explanation
OR superman OR batman Find items with either search term
AND superman AND batman     Find items that include both search terms
NOT superman NOT batman Find items that include the first term but not the second term
"sample" "superman vs. batman" Find the exact phrase
+sample +batman Requires that the search results include this search term
-sample -superman Requires that the search results do not include this word
#tag #coffee Find items that have a certain tag
tag:tag tag:coffee Find items that have a certain tag
#"one tag" #"coffee beans" Find items that have a certain multi-word tag
tag:"one tag"   tag:"coffee beans"     Find items that have a certain multi-word tag

Note: The OR, AND and NOT operators must be typed in ALL CAPS.

Help with Full-Text Search

If you have a question about using Full-Text Search, click here to contact Pocket Support.

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