Saving Pages to Pocket for Mac

Pocket for Mac features two easy ways to save pages to Pocket. If you have not yet downloaded Pocket for Mac, please click here to download it from the Mac App Store.

Save using the macOS share menu

When you have Pocket for Mac installed, you can use the Pocket extension that appears in the Share menu. Click the Share button in apps like Safari to save to Pocket.

Click here to learn about customizing the Share menu.

Saving via Clipboard

When you copy a link on your Mac, it’s saved to your computer’s ‘clipboard’, making it available to Paste anywhere you’d like. Pocket for Mac takes unique advantage of the clipboard to easily capture any copied links (URLs starting with http://) and save them to Pocket with a simple shortcut. Here’s how:

  1. Copy a URL (highlight a link and press ⌘C (Command + C), or go to Edit > Copy in the Menu Bar)
  2. Open Pocket for Mac
  3. Press Command + S, or go to File > Save Item from Clipboard in the Menu Bar
  4. A message will indicate that the save was successful, and the item will appear at the top of your list.

Note: If you see a message that says “Invalid URL”, please ensure that you have copied the entire link (including the http://)

Saving via Drag & Drop

You can also save links using “drag and drop” from many popular web browsers. To do so, just drag the Website Icon, or ‘favicon’ that appears just to the left of the webpage’s URL, and drop it on top of the Pocket app icon in your Dock. 

Other ways to Save

There are many additional methods for saving to Pocket, no matter what device you’re using. To see an overview, click here: How to Save to Pocket – Overview

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