Saving to Pocket on your Computer


Pocket makes it easy to save interesting content you find on the web. This page outlines the methods you can use to save any link to your List.

Saving with the Pocket Browser Extension

The Pocket extension is a small button that sits in your browser toolbar. It's available for Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge. When clicked, it will save the current page to Pocket. If you haven't installed the Pocket extension yet, click below. 

Click here to install the Pocket Browser Extension

If you use Internet Explorer or a browser that is not listed above, you can install the Pocket Bookmarklet instead. Like the extension, the Pocket bookmarklet can be used to save whatever page you’re viewing to Pocket.

Click here to install the Pocket Bookmarklet in Internet Explorer

Manually Saving to a link to Pocket

If you're using Pocket on a computer that does not allow you to install the Pocket browser extensions, or if you're on a public or borrowed computer, you can easily save links directly to your list on the Pocket website. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Pocket for Web
  2. Click the + button in the top toolbar
  3. Insert the URL you’d like to save. Don’t forget the http://
  4. Click Save

Other ways to save

There's lots of other ways to save links to Pocket. We've made sure that there's always a way.  Click here for an overview of all the ways you can save to Pocket. 

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