What can be saved to Pocket?

What can be saved to Pocket?

Looking for instructions on how to save to Pocket? Click here.

Pocket is perfect for saving linked articles, blog posts, videos, images and more. If a page can be viewed in your web browser and its URL starts with HTTP or HTTPS, it can be saved to Pocket.

Most articles, blog posts, and other text-based web pages will be viewable in Article View, where text, images and embedded videos will be formatted to fit perfectly on your device or computer screen. Other web pages that cannot be shown in Article View will be displayed in Web View, which is the same as viewing it in a browser. Click here to learn more about Article View and Web View.

With Pocket, there's always a solution for saving Articles or Web Views to Pocket. Click here to learn about all the ways that you can save to your List..

Can I access what I save without an internet connection?

Yes! Pocket will automatically download the articles, blog posts, and web pages that you save to your List. Click here to learn more about using Pocket offline

Can I save PDF files and images to Pocket?

Pocket has rudimentary support for PDF files and images, but there are a couple of limitations.

  • Like anything else you'd want to save to Pocket, the PDF or image file must be hosted online, and be viewable in a browser with a unique URL. Files that are locally stored on your computer or mobile device cannot be saved to Pocket.
  • At this time, PDFs sadly can't be saved using the Android app
  • PDFs display in Web View and cannot be searched with Pocket Premium's full-text search feature.

What about uploading files from my computer (Word documents, photos, eBooks) forwarding emails, music files or other filetypes?

Pocket does not support uploading files from your computer as the item must be hosted online with a shareable URL.

Pocket does not support file types other than PDFs and image files.

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