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In Pocket, Tags can help you organize the items that you've saved. They are similar to folders, but they allow for more flexibility since a single item may be associated with multiple Tags.

For example, say you saved a recipe that you’d like to cook for dinner. You can tag it recipes, chicken, or dinner, to find it later while shopping at the grocery store or cooking in your kitchen.

Items with Tags in Pocket

Here are instructions for Tagging in Pocket on your Android device. Once added to an item, Tags appear beneath the title of the item in your List.

Adding Tags

Adding tags to an item
Add Tags to an Item in your List
  1. Open Pocket for Android and go to your List
  2. Long-press the item you wish to tag, then tap the Tag button
  3. Enter a new tag or select an existing one
  4. Tap Save

You can also add Tags to multiple items at once using Bulk Edit. Click here to learn how to use Bulk Edit and make changes to groups of items in your List.

Add Tags while viewing an Item
  1. While viewing an item, tap the overflow menu button in the toolbar
  2. Tap Add Tags
  3. Enter a new tag or select an existing one
  4. Tap Save
Add Tags when saving an item to Pocket (Quick Save Actions)
  1. Save an item to Pocket. (Not sure how to save to Pocket? Click here.)
  2. The Quick Save Actions will appear - tap the Tag button
  3. Enter a new tag or select an existing one
  4. Tap Save

Removing Tags

To remove tags from an item:

  1. Repeat the steps above to get to the Add Tags screen
  2. Tap the unwanted tag once to select it
  3. Tap the delete key on the on-screen keyboard to remove the tag
  4. Tap Save

Tag Filter

The Tag Filter makes it easy to view all items with a particular tag. To use the Tag Filter, open the Pocket menu and tap Tags. Then, select any tag to filter your list.

To remove the filter, open the Pocket menu and select My List.

Renaming, Merging, and Deleting Tags

To maintain a tidy Tags list, you can rename, merge, and delete Tags. To start, open the Pocket menu, select Tags, then tap the pencil icon at the top right corner.

Editing Tags

To rename a tag, tap the pencil button next to the tag you want to edit.

To merge two tags together, change the name of one tag to be exactly the same as the other. Pocket will then combine both tags.

To delete a tag, tap the trash can button. This will permanently delete the tag and remove it from all items.

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