Reading, Watching and Viewing in Pocket for iPhone

The Content Filter

Pocket can identify whether your saved items are Articles, Images, or Videos, and displays them in a way that is fully optimized for each view. If you ever want to filter your list to only see a certain type, tap the Content Filter, and choose between Articles, Videos, and Images. To return to viewing all content types at once, tap the Content Filter and select All Items.


When opening an article, Pocket will choose the best view to suit the content – Article or Web View. Web View displays the page as it is designed to be viewed, while Article View offers an immersive reading experience: 

  • content and images are extracted and optimized for your device
  • distraction-free reading in full screen mode - tap once in the center of the screen to enable
  • quickly skim using the scrollbar - slide your finger along the right edge of the screen to activate
  • customize how your text is displayed - tap the AA button in the overflow menu (●●●) to control text size, serif/sans-serif typefaces, alignment, night-mode, and screen brightness.

To toggle between Article and Web Views, tap the overflow menu (●●●):

To have Pocket always open your preferred reading view, go to Settings, and deselect 'Open Best View'. This will force every article to open with the same view as the previously-viewed item.

Viewing Videos and Images

Videos are streamed in fullscreen in Pocket. Before playing the video you can adjust the screen brightness by tapping the Brightness button.

If an article contains images, a single tap will display them in fullscreen. Here, you can pinch to zoom, and swipe to see additional images.

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