Viewing and Editing Your Pocket Profile

When you recommend items on Pocket, they will appear on your profile. Think of it as your public, curated list of content that you’re recommending. Your friends and other people on Pocket can visit your profile to check out what you’ve been recommending, and they can easily start following your recommendations if they’re feeling inspired.

While your profile is public, it’s important to note that your saves to Pocket are (and always will remain) private. Only items you recommend will appear publicly in your profile and in your followers’ Discover feed.

Click here to learn how to start recommending on Pocket to build your profile.

What information is included in my profile?

Your profile can include:

  • a name, a short bio, and a profile picture/avatar
  • the list of items you have recommended on Pocket
  • the number of followers you have, and the number of people you’re following

Your profile does not include:

  • Items in your List, Archive, Favorites, and Tags. These will remain private only to you.
  • Your email address

How can I view and edit my profile?

To view your profile, open the profile tab in iOS or Android. On Pocket's web app, click your profile photo and select View Profile. 

To remove links from your profile, open Pocket on your iOS or Android device, tap the overflow button on an item you posted and select Delete Post.

We're currently reviewing the profile feature in Pocket, and some features are not available. If you need assistance with adding or removing information from your profile, please click here to contact Pocket Support and let us know.

How can I share my profile with others?

When you’re viewing your profile, you’ll find a share button at the top of your screen that you can use to share your profile link with your friends and on social media.

Each profile has a URL that’s easy to remember. Just replace the word “username” with your Pocket username in this URL: If you don’t have a username, you can choose one by editing your profile on iOS or Android (just follow the steps above).

Can I make my profile private?

We don’t support private profiles. However, you do have complete control over what’s shown on your profile. If you prefer to have an empty profile and not recommend any items, that’s ok by us!

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